Amatrol Portable Electric Relay Control Troubleshooting Learning System (990-EC1F)

A Student Reference Guide sourced from the system’s eLearning curriculum includes the entire series’ technical content from the learning objectives.





  • Electricity (100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz/1 phase)
  • Compressed Air


  • Mobile Technology Workstation (82-610)

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Portable Electrical Control Troubleshooting Training | Hands-On Relay Control Skills

Learning System: 990-EC1F

Amatrol’s Portable Electric Relay Control Troubleshooting Training System (990-EC1F) covers concepts widely used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications to regulate electric motors and fluid power actuators, as well methods used for troubleshooting problems in relay control components and systems. This portable learning system offers learners flexibility and convenience when there’s a need to use a trainer in multiple locations or where space is too small for a full-size trainer.

The 990-EC1F includes a relay control panel with pre-mounted electrical control, pneumatic, and electric power components. Learners can use these components to connect electrical terminals to heavy-duty banana jacks to test various automation control circuits. This system also includes a digital multi-meter that will be used for troubleshooting concepts and skills. Combined with Amatrol’s world-class interactive multimedia curriculum, this innovated product can provide learners with a thorough understanding of electric relay control.

Learning Topics

  • Ladder Diagram Schematics
  • Solenoid Operated DCVs
  • Pushbuttons, Selector Switches, & Indicator Lights
  • Electrical Control & Time-Delay Relays
  • Limit Switches
  • Electrical Motor Control Circuits
  • Cylinder Sequencing Circuits
  • Electrical Safety Interlocks
  • Time-Delay Sequencing Circuits
  • Electric Motor Control
  • Troubleshooting Techniques

Real-World Troubleshooting using Electronic Fault Insertion!

Amatrol's portable electric relay control troubleshooting training system uses FaultPro, an electronic fault insertion system that is only available from Amatrol, to insert faults into the system for troubleshooting. During the learning process, FaultPro allows learners to insert faults in the system as they progress through the step-by-step procedures learning industrial troubleshooting methods. Then, FaultPro can be set to randomly select and insert a fault to test a learner’s troubleshooting abilities and prepare them to solve real-world technical problems once they’re in the field. This system allows learners to use a digital multimeter to perform troubleshooting skills like: testing input and output devices, relays, and relay logic circuits.

Industry-Relevant, Hands-On Training in a Portable System

Amatrol's 990-EC1F offers a full array of electric relay control troubleshooting training in a portable learning system, where learners only need desk space for the trainer and a computer to study this vital industry skill. An electrical relay, most often used as a memory logic element, is the component that makes electrical relay control possible. Learners will study applications of this vital component, as well as the available styles of control relays, the major components, and their ladder diagram symbols.

Interactive Electric Relay Control Troubleshooting eLearning Curriculum

Amatrol's portable electric relay control troubleshooting training system features interactive eLearning curriculum that integrates various types of learning methods to create an engaging, effective learning experience. Amatrol’s multimedia eLearning curriculum includes text with voiceovers, videos, 3D animations, pictures, and interactive activities, quizzes, and self-reviews. Specific electrical relay control topics covered include: logic elements; ladder diagrams; electro-pneumatic solenoid valves; relay operation and applications; limit switch operation and applications; time-delay relays; multiple cylinder control; and machine modes of operation. Within these topics, learners will study objectives like connecting and operating a logic circuit given a ladder diagram; designing a ladder diagram using one or more logic elements; connecting and operating a relay to perform a seal-in function; designing a logic circuit that uses a limit switch to sequence an event; connecting and operating a two-pushbutton jog circuit that will jog two cylinders independently; and designing a continuous-cycle, synchronized cylinder circuit with a manual mode.

Free Learning Management System (LMS)

Amatrol eLearning is easy-to-use for both students and instructors. Its web-based interface is simple to navigate and available on any WebGL-compatible Internet browser. Instructors love Amatrol eLearning for its simple, yet sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS allows instructors to create custom courses, monitor student participation, track course progress, assess knowledge levels prior to a course, and test knowledge levels after completion. Learners appreciate the fact that they can start and stop as needed, moving through each Amatrol course at their own pace. If a self-review reveals that they didn’t understand a particular topic as well as they thought they did, they can revisit it before moving on.

This course includes a virtual simulator!

Amatrol's Portable Electric Relay Control Troubleshooting eLearning curriculum also features a virtual simulator that allows learners to practice hands-on skills even when they don't have access to the physical trainer. Virtual simulators replicate hands-on equipment in such great detail that learners will feel like they are using the actual equipment. Learners perform essentially the same industry-based tasks using the virtual equipment that they would perform using equipment hardware. Virtual simulators offer instructors and learners great flexibility when learning remotely or when a physical trainer must be shared by multiple learners.

Expand Your Electrical Training | Available Additional Systems

Amatrol's Portable Electric Relay Control Troubleshooting Learning System provides a solid foundation to build upon by adding
additional systems to teach a variety of electrical skills. Each of these additional systems feature Amatrol's in-depth curriculum.