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Professional Conferences: How to Show a Solid Return on Investment

Does your organization regularly send its professionals to industry conferences, expositions, or trade shows? If so, you might not have much trouble getting approval for your next business trip to a conference. Unfortunately, many professionals find themselves breaking new ground within organizations that have never paid for employees to attend conferences. Acquiring funds to attend… Learn More

How to Find Grant Funding for Technical Training

The 2017 fiscal year was an important one in the field of grant writing. During that time, the Federal Government awarded over $700 billion in grants and cooperative agreements to small businesses across the country. Additionally, the completion of a Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act) pilot program helped to improve the… Learn More

Using eAssessment To Bridge the Skills Gap with Targeted Training

The robots are coming. Sounds like a tag line from an old sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? Fifty years ago, that statement might have struck fear into the heart of those waiting for an imminent attack by chrome-plated, voice-modulated humanoid machines. Thankfully, the far-fetched plots of those old sci-fi movies didn’t come to pass. Nevertheless, the… Learn More

Industry-Standard Certifications Can Jump-Start or Fast-Track Your Career in Advanced Manufacturing

  A century ago, the term “factory job” meant a low-skill, low-pay job in a facility that was likely as dirty and gloomy as it was potentially-dangerous. Not something to aspire to, these jobs usually attracted only those unable or unwilling to seek higher education to pursue a different career path. Fast forward to today… Learn More

Four Reasons You Should Be Teaching IIoT & Smart Factory Technologies

In the manufacturing world, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Factory Technologies are the way of life – machines communicate with each other, proactively working through a variety of projects, as well as problems that may arise. Working hand-in-hand with those employees on the floor, these smart technologies increase production while keeping costs… Learn More

Join Us at ACTE VISION 2018 & See Smart Factory Training Systems In Action

Join Amatrol at the ACTE Career Tech VISION 2018 in San Antonio, Texas on November 29th and 30th. Come see us in booth #800 and check out of our new Smart Factory and Tabletop Smart Factory Learning Systems, Skill Boss, Portable Process Control Learning System, and more! More About Amatrol Learning Systems Featured at the… Learn More

Amatrol Products Part of Ashley Furniture’s $3 Million Investment

Ashley Furniture Press Release Ashley Furniture recently invested $3 million to provide technical training equipment and curriculum for four Wisconsin school districts. Ashley’s state-of-the-art Mobile Skills Laboratory features equipment from Amatrol, FANUC, Yaskawa, and SolidWorks to train students in electronics, manufacturing processes, automation, and robotics. Partnering with the Trempealeau Valley Cooperative, this Mobile Skills Laboratory… Learn More

Four Reasons Why Students Should Seek Out More Apprenticeships

In this article, a former high school educator shares four reasons why apprenticeships should be presented to students of all ages, and how they can prepare a student for the workforce better than a traditional college setting. Sometimes in life, the next logical step in an order of operations is a simple one. For example,… Learn More

Five Ways to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing

In this article, a former high school educator (and current Millennial) shares five ways to attract Millennials to your company, and the benefits their employment can bring to your business. Since they have been old enough to join the workforce, Millennials have received a bad rap. They’ve been labeled as lazy, entitled and impatient, with… Learn More

Austin Peay Becomes Second College to Offer Siemens Bachelor’s Degree

To read the full article from the Leaf Chronicle, click here. Starting in the fall of 2019, Austin Peay State University (APSU) will accomplish something only one other North American post-secondary institution has done: award a Bachelor’s-level Siemens Mechatronics System Certification Program. While several other community colleges offer certificates and Associate’s degrees for Mechatronics, only… Learn More

Bevill State CC introduces free CPT training program in Northern Alabama

To read the full article from The Daily Mountain Eagle, click here. Bevill State Community College recently announced it will kick-off a new automotive curriculum aimed at developing skills in the manufacturing industry around northern Alabama. Using Amatrol‘s world-class Learning Systems, including the state-of-the-art Skill Boss system, students will be able to receive Certified Production… Learn More

New State-of-the-Art Technology Center Opening in Central Louisiana

To read the full article from The Rapides Foundation, click here. Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) recently received a $4 million grant to “strengthen manufacturing training programs” in Central Louisiana and establish the Central Louisiana Manufacturing Technology Center in downtown Alexandria, Louisiana, which will house a state-of-the-art technical training program. This Center will feature… Learn More

Amatrol and MSSC Labor Day Gift to the Nation

Facing ‘skills gap’ in manufacturing workforce nationwide, Amatrol and MSSC partner up to release ‘CPT+ Skill Boss’, a new hands-on training and certification program JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA – Thanks to a partnership between two industry leaders, who believe in a hands-on approach to tackling a nationwide ‘skills gap’, the manufacturing workforce may soon see a boom… Learn More

Register Now for the National Career Development Summit

The Coalition for Career Development (CCD) is holding a National Career Development Summit in Washington D.C. on September 12th, 2018. Amatrol is one of the founding sponsors of the CCD and Amatrol CEO Paul Perkins will lead a session at the summit, as will Governors, Congressional leaders, prominent CEOs, and educators. If you’d like to… Learn More

Four Ways eAssessment Can Work for You

Employee training is essential, but let’s face it, every minute that a current or new employee sits in training, the work that you’ve hired them to do piles up.  The best way to minimize the pain is to eliminate unneeded training and one way to accomplish this is through eAssessments. Here are four ways eAssessment… Learn More

National Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Certifies First Apprentices in IN

National Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Certifies First Apprentices in Indiana Amatrol became the first company in Indiana to graduate workers from Industrial Manufacturing Technician apprenticeships. In fact, three Amatrol employees – Beverly Garvin, Alyssa Wheatley, and Jessica Schafer – completed the apprenticeship program in March 2018. Three additional Amatrol employees are currently enrolled in the program… Learn More

We Can Solve the Technical Skills Gap! by Paul Perkins

This article originally appeared in a newsletter for the National Governor’s Association. It is being reprinted here with their permission. Where Will Technically-Skilled Workers Be Found to Ensure A Bright Economic Future? Sometimes too much of a good thing can bring about its own demise, and it seems we face the specter of that outcome… Learn More

Amatrol Hosting Two Week Summer Robotics Engineering Camp

For the 14th year, Amatrol is hosting a two week summer robotics camp for students entering grades 9 or 10 for Fall 2018 at their Jeffersonville, Ind. headquarters.  Interested students can attend half day session, either in the morning or the afternoon, and get hands on experience with robotics and engineering design. Students will also… Learn More

3 More Ways to Increase Student Enrollment in a CTE Program

Posted by Kenny Colston | May 9, 2018 |Amatrol, Inc. After getting feedback from our first list of tips to increase enrollment in your CTE class, we’ve decided to give three more tips to help instructors. Career and technical education thrives on innovation and that includes how to attract students to your program. Thanks to… Learn More

3 Ways to Determine a Community’s Technical Training Needs

Posted by Kenny Colston | March 27, 2018 |Amatrol, Inc. One of, if not the main purpose, of career and technical education is to help students find rewarding careers while helping fill unmet job needs in a community. As a CTE instructor, you’re the main drivers of bridging this gap. But how do you find… Learn More

Five Tips for Successful Technical Training Grant Proposals

In this article, an experienced grant writer shares five quick tips for improving your chance of funding a technical training program through grant funding. These grant writing tips are a great start to any grant proposal. Say you’re an ambitious educator, school administrator, or training director and industry leaders in your community are telling you,… Learn More

Case Study: Solving The Process Technologies Skills-Gap In Texas’s Upper Panhandle

PDF Version of Solving The Process Technologies Skills-Gap In Texas’s Upper Panhandle Companies in Texas’s upper panhandle are in dire need to fill a skills-gap and train employees in various disciplines, especially process technologies and instrumentation due to the strong presence of refineries. A local institution, Frank Phillips College of Borger, Texas, applied for and received… Learn More

Amatrol is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Amatrol’s Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2015 certified. ISO 9001:20015 is an internationally-recognized standard that sets specific requirements for a QMS in order to enable an organization to meet regulatory requirements, ensure high quality products and services, and facilitate customer satisfaction. ISO9001:2015 compliance confirms that Amatrol is continually organizing and improving QMS processes, as… Learn More

Amatrol Mechatronics Video

Amatrol’s Mechatronics Training Amatrol’s mechatronics learning system recreates an industrial environment to teach learners real-world tasks to develop job-ready skills. Fully supported by Amatrol’s self-paced, interactive multimedia curriculum, this mechatronics system incorporates mechanical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems all under PLC control to assemble an industrial pneumatic valve. No other mechatronics system boasts this… Learn More

Five Ways to Increase Student Enrollment in CTE Classes

Posted by Kenny Colston | March 27, 2018 |Amatrol, Inc. It’s amazing that you can create a class that teaches the skills desperately needed by Industry and then, to your dismay, you struggle to enroll students.  Here are five ways that may help you fill those seats. 1 – Put the cool stuff in the… Learn More

Visit Amatrol at ACTE CareerTech VISION 2017

Join Amatrol at ACTE’s CareerTech Vision 2017 in Nashville, TN on December 7th – 8th, 2017 and see Amatrol’s new Industry 4.0 training solutions in action! In addition to our new Industry 4.0 training solutions, Amatrol is exhibiting the Skill Boss – a skill assesmment system made in partnership with MSSC, our new Portable Hydraulics… Learn More

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