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Heating Up: HVACR Careers Hotter Than Ever

What’s hotter than the temperatures currently scorching most of the United States? Quite appropriately, careers in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) are hotter than ever. With heat wave after heat wave and temperatures setting new records year after year, the demand for qualified HVACR installers and technicians is greater than ever. Unfortunately, supply… Learn More

Strengthening Community Colleges: How Grant Funding Could Close the Equity Gap

  Today’s educators are faced with mountains of obstacles. Among them, one obstacle is an increasingly troublesome roadblock for the education system: the equity gap. Most are familiar with terms like wage gap, and skills gap, however the term equity gap is still relatively unknown. Equity gaps refer to disparities in the success of education… Learn More

Amatrol’s Agritech Program Can Help You Set Your Students Up for Career Success

Can you find a student today who doesn’t like technology? Modern technology shapes and, in many ways, defines our lives on a daily basis. It’s only natural that it would also have a profound impact on how students choose a future career path. Recent data shows that postsecondary enrollment is down overall, but luckily interest… Learn More

Now is the Time to Invest in Solar Skills Training as U.S. Government Gives Boost to Solar Industry

Decades ago, the thought of renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, supplying a substantial portion of power needs felt like the stuff of science fiction. After all, supplies of traditional fuel sources, such as petroleum and coal, seemed inexhaustible. Fast forward to today and it’s remarkable how the modern power generation landscape has changed…. Learn More

Pandemic Recovery: How to Maximize Funding for Workforce Development

What do you remember about 2020? For most people, “COVID-19” and “pandemic” are words forever etched in their memories of that year. When the ball dropped in Times Square, pushing us all into 2021, we had high hopes that the worst was behind us. Of course, things didn’t really go as we had hoped, though…. Learn More

Perceptions of Manufacturing Are Improving yet Remain a Challenge to Bridging the Skills Gap

What’s your dream job? When instructors ask their students this question, the answers will likely span a wide variety of careers. For some, “professional gamer” or “social media influencer” may seem like the perfect way to spend their days. Of course, those opportunities tend to be few and far between. Those who set their sights… Learn More

Turning Up the Heat: Booming Employment in the Solar Power Industry

Over the last three decades, global warming has become a hot topic in the political and industrial landscapes as sea level and temperatures worldwide rose, Arctic icecaps melted, and natural disasters became more frequent and brutal. In an effort to combat this climate change, many industries have invested in renewable energy sources, such as wind… Learn More

The Winds Of Change: How investment in wind technology is driving green employment

Green energy employment opportunities continue to expand, and as such, Wind Energy technician roles have become increasingly attractive to students and job-seekers. Government policies announced before and during the COP26 Climate Change Conference have caused forecasters to anticipate global renewable electricity capacity to rise more than 60% from 2020 levels to over 4 800 GW… Learn More

6 reasons to spark your students career prospects with IGNITE!

Students leaving school and entering the modern workforce require a plethora of skills. Advanced technologies have revolutionized the manufacturing sector, and low-skilled positions have dramatically decreased. In fact, today’s manufacturing workers require more advanced skills than ever before. Amatrol, with the backing of LIFT and the United States Department of Defense, created IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing, a new program… Learn More

Leveraging Available Pandemic Funding for Your CTE Program

As the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be finally settling down into a phase that will allow things to return to something approaching normal, many educators wonder exactly what that new “normal” will look like. Career and technical education (“CTE”) programs, in particular, suffered greatly during the pandemic, as distance learning severely disrupted the in-person, hands-on… Learn More

Bridging the Digital Skills Divide: Teach Industry 4.0 Fundamentals

The digital natives are restless. That’s the message being delivered by a series of recent studies examining the depth and breadth of the digital skills divide plaguing industries around the world. Understandably, many employers faced with a shortage of workers with the digital skills they need to keep pace with the advanced technologies transforming the… Learn More

What Omicron Taught Us About the Search for Quality eLearning and the Possibility of More Distance Learning

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has drastically altered the education system. During the initial outbreak in 2020, widespread lockdowns forced classrooms and training programs to close in-person learning and transition all of their curriculum to virtual spaces seemingly overnight. However, this distance learning was created during a period of uncertainty that was characterized by the… Learn More

6 Ways To Become A CTE plug.

Staying connected to your local industry is an excellent way to make sure you are designing CTE programs that are attractive to students and useful to the local community. Here are 6 things to consider when you’re bridging the gap between your school programming and the workforce. Consider Type of Career and Technical Education Identify… Learn More

Skill Boss Manufacturing: Closing the Skills Gap With Training and Testing

The Devastating Skills Gap in the Manufacturing Sector   Turning on the news in today’s world is likely to give anyone an instant headache. Supply chain issues, the rising cost of manufactured goods, and the lack of employees in the workforce are headlines that are becoming more and more prevalent these days. While there are… Learn More

Can Automation Solve Manufacturing’s Supply Chain Problems?

Click HERE to view Can Automation Solve Manufacturing’s Supply Chain Problems? as a multimedia presentation. When’s the last time you made your regular trek to the grocery store and left with everything on your shopping list? If you’re like most people these days, you probably ran into some bare shelves and came home with fewer items than… Learn More

Not Cool! – Fixing The HVAC Skills-Gap

HVAC technology has progressed immensely in the last 10 years. Innovations like high efficiency smart systems have driven the industry, and customers to demand much higher levels of convenience with installed systems that can be controlled in a more modular style, via smart phones or set to change automatically based on environmental factors.  Expansions in… Learn More

Three Certifications that can take your CTE Program to the Next Level

Click HERE to view Three Certifications that can take your CTE Program to the Next Level as a multimedia presentation. If there’s a sign of the times we’re currently living in, it’s most certainly a “Help Wanted” sign. They’re everywhere you look, and they signal the tremendous opportunities that exist throughout a wide variety of industries, including… Learn More

Reasons Students Leave STEM Programs in College

As the world recovers from the devastating economic effects caused by the global pandemic, employers across every industry are still struggling to pull employees back into the workforce. This comes at a time when manufactures are integrating more advanced technologies to increase production, which in turn creates a greater demand for highly-skilled workers. This combination… Learn More

New Federal Funding Available for Workforce Development

Click HERE to view New Federal Funding Available for Workforce Development as a multimedia presentation. On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed into law comprehensive COVID-19 pandemic relief legislation known as the American Rescue Plan (ARP). Under the ARP, the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) “was allocated $3 billion in supplemental funding to assist… Learn More

Tackling the Industrial Maintenance Technician Shortage

Click HERE to view Tackling the Industrial Maintenance Technician Shortage as a multimedia presentation. As industries across the U.S. bounce back from the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers in every sector continue to struggle to fill hundreds of thousands of open positions in critical areas, such as industrial maintenance. Why is there such a dire… Learn More

Latest Job Openings Data Reveals Critical Need for Manufacturing Workers

Click HERE to view Latest Job Openings Data Reveals Critical Need for Manufacturing Workers as a multimedia presentation. Throughout most of 2020, manufacturers in every industry struggled with challenges, both old and new. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a whole host of difficulties, not the least of which was a major disruption… Learn More

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