Amatrol’s extensive line of automation training systems focuses on advanced smart factory, robotics, and mechatronics technologies. These training systems build automation skills methodically, beginning with basic topics like robot operation and component adjustment before moving to advanced topics, such as serial device applications and multiple station control. Advanced automation technologies are the heart of Industry 4.0 and vital parts of Amatrol programs like Industry 4.0 Fundamentals (I4F), Mechatronics, Packaging, Industrial Maintenance, and STEM. Amatrol’s automation training systems combine in-depth, comprehensive curriculum with real-world industrial components for exceptional hands-on skill-building.


Smart Factory Enterprise teaches hands-on Industry 4.0 skills at the enterprise level via a fully-functional smart manufacturing system with secure communications and data analysis capabilities. This system integrates a wide variety of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) components and software for users to learn how Industry 4.0 technologies are applied in industry to collect and analyze real-time data system wide.

The Smart Factory Enterprise system seamlessly connects a smart conveyor system with multiple smart robot workstations, an autonomous mobile robot system, and a machining center to create a manufacturing & material handling system. The smart robot workstations work with the autonomous mobile robot and the smart conveyor system to move materials efficiently between stations.


Amatrol’s Smart Factory training system is a multi-station automated manufacturing line that assembles a functional, two-way pneumatic valve. This system utilizes either a FANUC LR Mate robot or an Amatrol Pegasus robot, IGear Squeaks software for Smart Factory communication, Allen-Bradley and/or Siemens PLCs, and an additional cart that houses systems for Ethernet, Wireless Communication, and Network Security training. Each of the stations features a smart sensor or component, such as pneumatic/vacuum, ultrasonic, photoeye, stack light, electrical current, and analog pressure sensors.

Visit Amatrol’s Smart Factory Mechatronics training system page for more in-depth information about Smart Factory technology and Amatrol’s training solutions.


Amatrol's Tabletop Smart Factory learning system combines technology from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), such as smart sensors, cloud-based software, I/O Link, and mobile apps, with traditional mechatronics equipment. This  hands-on equipment and corresponding eLearning curriculum will upskill future and current workforce members to the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.

Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory offers Industry 4.0 training in a compact, portable system that’s perfect for high schools or anywhere training space is limited. The five-station system includes Smart Factory components for Ethernet, RFID/Sensors, Barcode, and more. It also connects with Amatrol’s Portable PLC Troubleshooting Learning System – AB Compact Logix (990-PABCL1F), which provides performance analysis of the system via I/O Link.

Robotics Engineering Summer Camp Uses Amatrol's Robotics Curriculum


Amatrol’s robotics training systems feature the Pegasus II servo robot (880-RA21B), which has an open arm design that supports hands-on knowledge application and skill development. While small in size, the Pegasus is a giant when it comes to teaching and learning capabilities. Within the Robotics and Computer Programming 1 training system (94-RCP1) and the add-on Flexible Manufacturing 1 training system (94-FMS1A), major topics include:

  • Application Development & Production Control
  • Point-to-Point Assembly & Palletizing
  • Pneumatic Robot Control

In addition to learning systems geared toward post-secondary and industrial customers, Amatrol also offers systems specifically designed for high schools. One of the biggest challenges facing the workforce today is a skilled worker shortage. Because of this, Amatrol is dedicated to providing high schools with learning solutions that will cover applicable STEM knowledge and advanced manufacturing topics and skills. Available high school robotics training systems include:


In addition to hands-on skill-building with an actual robot, Amatrol also offers robotics simulation software. Learners can practice the same technical skills in a simulated environment as they would with an actual robot. Simulation software allows users to create and test programs before using them with actual equipment. Using Amatrol’s robotics simulation software, learners gain valuable experience testing and troubleshooting programs while preventing equipment damage. Available robotics simulation software includes:

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Amatrol has an unmatched range and depth of automation courses. Whether you are looking to teach hands-on Industry 4.0 skills or robotic programming, Amatrol can help. Supported by interactive eLearning and hands-on skill procedures, our automation courses engage learners and provide the training they need to be successful. There is also a full range of eLearning courses that do not require hands-on simulators. Using Amatrol's free LMS, all courses are available 24/7.