Skills-based training programs for job-ready technical skills

Industry continues to experience a shortage of technically skilled workers at almost all levels. The skill gap is expected to grow worse before it gets better with one study showing a graduation rate of 17% for technically skilled workers while the demand hovers around 30%. In addition, industry faces the challenge of significant incumbent worker training as technology changes quickly. Technical skills can become outdated in as little as two years. In a demanding and often global marketplace, having the right workers with the right skills is both a necessity and challenge.

Amatrol offers a complete range of hands-on simulators that allow industry to upgrade or refresh current skills and also teach new skills as needed. Our training programs are designed to be self-paced, flexible, and to create job-ready skills. An essential part of how our learning materials are developed is our close partnership with key industry clients such as Ford, Tropicana, General Motors, Caterpillar, and many others. In addition to international skill standards, Amatrol combines industry task research and analysis with partner review and feedback to develop true job-ready skills-based training simulators. Take a look at our many industry programs and associated hands-on simulators.

Industry Programs | Quick Access

Amatrol has hundreds of topical courses on a wide range of industrial sectors from manufacturing, food & beverage, packaging, oil & gas, and many more. The courses are modular in design and start with the basics and continue into the advanced topics. This allows your training to cover as much or as little as you need.