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Amatrol - Paul Perkins - Indiana 250Read more +22 July 2024 By Duane Bolin in Featured, Press Release

Amatrol President Paul Perkins Named to the Prestigious “Indiana 250”

Amatrol is pleased to announce that its president, Paul Perkins, has been named to IBJ Media’s third annual Indiana 250, “a list of the state’s most influential and impactful business and community leaders, representing public and private companies, law firms, universities, not-for-profits, government and community organizations.” According to a press release from IBJ Media, “The
Amatrol - Chip Fab to Bring 20,000 Jobs to Austin SuburbRead more +12 July 2024 By Duane Bolin in Featured, Semiconductors

New Semiconductor Plant to Transform Small Texas Town

One of the lingering memories manufacturers have of the COVID-19 pandemic is the upheaval caused by supply chain disruptions when economies around the globe shut down for weeks or months at a time. In the United States, the auto industry was hit particularly hard by a shortage of critical computer chips that control nearly every
Amatrol - Heat Pumps Enjoying Resurgence in Popularity with HomeownersRead more +09 July 2024 By Duane Bolin in Featured, HVAC

Are Home Heat Pumps the Future of HVACR?

Growing up in the hot and humid Midwest, I never thought of air conditioning as a luxury. Instead, it just seemed like a normal “utility” that was necessary to make life bearable during the scorching summer months. Looking back, I can see that I was lucky to have had it. It wasn’t until a job
Amatrol - Virtual Is the New RealityRead more +26 June 2024 By Duane Bolin in Automation, Featured

Digital Twins and VR Finding Their Niche in Manufacturing

What kind of dreams did you have when you were young? Did you think about the future and what kinds of things you’d see in your lifetime? Did you envision flying cars and robot butlers? Of course, today’s automobiles are still firmly grounded, although many of them are now electric. We do have wandering robots
Amatrol - More Young People Choosing the Skilled TradesRead more +10 June 2024 By Duane Bolin in Featured, Skills Gap

Will Gen Z Bridge the Skills Gap?

Those familiar with manufacturing and the skilled trades know all about the skills gap and the challenge of hiring enough highly skilled workers to fill the hundreds of thousands of open positions throughout industry across the country. For years now, there simply haven’t been enough workers to meet growing demand. Hiring managers tasked with finding
Amatrol - What Do You Want To Be When You Grow UpRead more +29 May 2024 By Duane Bolin in Featured, High School, Manufacturing

Skilled Tradespeople Report High Job Satisfaction

What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you remember being asked that question as a child? What was your answer? Popular answers I remember from my own childhood included occupations like fireman, teacher, construction worker, and veterinarian. What did those occupations have in common? They do things that are easy to