Skills-based learning programs for job-ready technical skills

College learners come from all walks of life: high school students going for advanced study, incumbent workers upgrading or learning new skills, career changers who want something different. Flexibility combined with job-ready skills are essential for successful college programs. Colleges are challenged to offer courses whenever students are available – and frequently, wherever they are available. Learners are demanding that their program of study be tailored to them. They want courses that are available on campus as well as from home while also providing strong hands-on skills for the technology demands facing them. Meeting these demands is no small task.

Amatrol has learning programs that allow college students to excel in this demanding environment. We offer a full range of learning systems, both in a traditional equipment lab setting as well as in a virtual lab, that meet and exceed learner expectations. Our learning programs develop job-ready skills that have been proven time and again. Take a look at how we can help you be successful!

College Programs | Quick Access

Amatrol has an wide range of college courses to fit your needs. Created with input from industry, these programs teach the knowledge and hands-on skills needed by students preparing to enter the workforce and adult students expanding or learning new skills. Supported by interactive eLearning and hands-on skill procedures, Amatrol's programs engage students and provide the training they need to be successful.