Amatrol Industrial Soldering Learning System (85-MT6BB)

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  • Electrical (120V/60Hz/1ph)


  • Consumables Package (17440)
Amatrol Electrical Wiring Learning System (850-MT6B)
Electrical Wiring (850-MT6B)

Industrial Soldering Training System | Hands-On Electrical Wiring Skills

Learning System: 85-MT6BB

Amatrol’s Industrial Soldering Learning System (85-MT6BB) covers industrial soldering techniques commonly used within a control enclosure by industrial maintenance technicians. Applications for these techniques include soldering various connectors to wire, wire-to-wire, and wire-to-terminals. Other major topic areas include solder types, soldering safety, and tool operation. This industrial soldering training system requires Electrical Wiring (850-MT6B) and VFD/PLC Wiring (85-MT6BA).

The industrial soldering training system includes a soldering iron, heat gun, potentiometer, burnishing tool, de-solder pump plastic vacuum, and more! These components will be used to practice skills like soldering and inspecting a connection on a printed circuit board and soldering a DB-9 connector to a Modbus cable. Amatrol uses real-world, industrial-grade components for its learning systems both for durability to stand up to frequent use and to allow learners to build confidence and competency with equipment they’ll encounter on-the-job.

Learning Topics

  • Soldering Basics & Applications
  • Soldering Connections & Techniques
  • Safety Rules
  • Inspect a Soldering Bond
  • De-soldering Techniques
  • Solder Wick & Wire
  • Electrical Panel Soldering Applications

Build Skills Like Using a Pump Plastic Vacuum to De-Solder a Connection

In addition to the soldering iron, heat gun, and burnishing tool, the industrial soldering training system features a circuit board assembly LED, wire brush, heat sink clamp, wire strippers, pliers, and more. As an example of how these tools are used, learners first study how to how to solder DB connectors to cable wire and then will use the supplied tools to solder a DB-9 connector to a Modbus cable.

Expand Learning Options Through VFD/PLC and HMI Wiring Skills

The industrial soldering training system is just one expansion that can be added to the electrical wiring training system (850-MT6B) to develop additional industrial wiring skills. Others include the required VFD/PLC wiring training system (85-MT6BA) and the HMI wiring training system (85-MT6BC). The VFD/PLC wiring training system will cover how to wire a VFD and PLC to a control panel using industrial components like a Siemens PLC, terminal blocks, and an Allen-Bradley VFD. The HMI wiring training system teaches wiring an HMI, analog wiring, and EtherNet cabling into a control panel mounted PLC.

Interactive Industrial Soldering eLearning Curriculum

Amatrol's industrial soldering training system features interactive eLearning curriculum that integrates various types of learning methods to create an engaging, effective learning experience. Amatrol’s multimedia eLearning curriculum includes text with voiceovers, videos, 3D animations, pictures, and interactive activities, quizzes, and self-reviews. Specific industrial soldering topics covered include: soldering basics; soldering techniques; desoldering techniques; and electrical panel soldering applications. Within these topics, learners will study objectives like soldering and inspecting a connection on a printed circuit board; desoldering a connection using a solder sucker pump; and soldering wires to the terminals of an electrical component.

Free Learning Management System (LMS)

Amatrol eLearning is easy-to-use for both students and instructors. Its web-based interface is simple to navigate and available on any WebGL-compatible Internet browser. Instructors love Amatrol eLearning for its simple, yet sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS allows instructors to create custom courses, monitor student participation, track course progress, assess knowledge levels prior to a course, and test knowledge levels after completion. Learners appreciate the fact that they can start and stop as needed, moving through each Amatrol course at their own pace. If a self-review reveals that they didn’t understand a particular topic as well as they thought they did, they can revisit it before moving on.

Expand Your Electrical Wiring Training | 850-MT6B Expansion Systems

Amatrol's Electrical Wiring Learning System provides a solid foundation to build upon by adding a variety of optional expansion systems to teach additional

skills related to VFD/PLC wiring, industrial soldering, and Ethernet and analog wiring. All of these expansion systems include Amatrol's interactive eLearning.