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Engineering and technology offer some of the most rewarding career opportunities possible! The Pre-Engineering program from Amatrol is a high school engineering prep program and a great way to get high school students interested in these exciting careers. Hands-on experience in a wide range of engineering technologies using industrial quality equipment and software prepares them for success in college and beyond. The program uses a unique blend of project-based team learning combined with a rotational individualized learning format for technical skills development.


The Pre-Engineering program is also unique because it offers students:

Complete Range of Career Exploration

The Amatrol Pre-Engineering program allows students to explore a larger number of engineering and technical careers. It offers a more extensive range of technical topics than any other program today.

Extensive Articulation to College

The Pre-Engineering curriculum enables students to articulate to post-secondary programs more extensively because it has greater depth and breadth than other programs. Alignment with content is keyed to specific post-secondary standards, enabling students to get up to 18 hours of credit at colleges and universities. The content is keyed to specific technical courses enable students to receive required course credit, not just elective credit.

Customized to Student Abilities and Interests

Amatrol’s Pre-Engineering program enables students with a wide range of interests and abilities to be successful. The curriculum uses an individualized format, and each curriculum topic has been layered so the depth gradually increases. Students learn each technical subject using a computer-based interactive multimedia curriculum, allowing them to learn about different things at the same time. Each student can learn at their own pace, focus on subjects that specifically interest them and work with materials that are appropriate for their abilities.

Integrated Academic Applications

The Amatrol curriculum has been infused with math and science to show students why they need to understand these critical areas. Extensive application throughout the curriculum allows students to improve their skills in these areas.

Industry Relevant Technical Skills

The curriculum uses a unique skills-based design that focuses on teaching industry relevant technical skills. Students can gain college credit while learning to apply their skills in industry.

Team-Based Project Skills

Students learn how to work on teams and solve real world problems through Amatrol’s team-based projects and the supporting project-related curriculum. Each project uses a thematic approach, which includes a cross-disciplinary blend of academics and multiple technical subjects that is built around a real project relating to one of the 7 major industry sectors. The supporting curriculum formally teaches students how to work on teams, problem solve, make presentations, and manage a project.

Biotech Industry Learning Systems Categories


Extending the reach of real industrial skill training beyond the borders of a classroom has become essential as the skilled worker shortage continues to grow. Amatrol offers computer based interactive technical skill development via our multimedia software.

Amatrol’s interactive multimedia biotech curriculum uses a competency-based instructional design that teaches industry standard skills. Eye popping graphics, 3D simulation, video and complete explanations combine with strong interactivity to develop technical skills. Learners can practice real work outcomes at their own pace, speeding overall student learning and retention.

Amatrol’s multimedia software training can be purchased for server/PC installation or accessed through our eLearning web portal for 24/7 access. Amatrol’s multimedia is self-paced for individual use and can also be used in traditional class settings as a presentation tool.

Amatrol brings industrial realism to online learning through our new virtual trainers. Virtual trainers replicate hands-on equipment in such great detail that students will feel like they are using the actual equipment. Students perform essentially the same industry-based tasks using the virtual equipment that they would perform using actual equipment. Skills previously reserved for hardware-based trainers can now be delivered over the web. Virtual trainers provide a cost-effective way to create new technical skills or update skills amongst the incumbent workforce.


This is a turnkey solution with a comprehensive set of products and services to enable teachers to effectively implement a successful pre-engineering program. The program includes the following:

  • Technology Learning Units – These units include hands-on student learning stations with industrial quality software and equipment to provide understanding of technical and engineering topics.
  • Printed Curriculum – Each integrated learning unit includes a printed curriculum in an individualized, layered, skills-based format.
  • Interactive Multimedia Curriculum – Various integrated learning units are available with an optional interactive multimedia version of the printed curriculum to enhance student learning and motivation.
  • Team-Based Student Projects – Teachers can choose from a variety of team-based thematic projects. Each project includes: project materials, design briefs, and teacher solutions.
  • Enterprise Skills Curriculum – The Enterprise Skills Curriculum includes a curriculum to provide structured learning of project-related skills such as teamwork, problem solving, workplace skills, and interpersonal skills.
  • Teacher Training Services – Amatrol provides tuition-free teacher training for initial and on-going professional development of teachers involved in the IST Pre-Engineering program.
  • Service and Support Services – Amatrol offers superior service and support, including free hot-line support and knowledgeable local service technicians.