990-SM10 Portable Smart Manufacturing Workstation Learning System



  • Electricity (100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz/1 phase)

Smart Manufacturing Learning System| Web-Based & Wireless Monitoring and Counting

Learning System: 990-SM10

Amatrol’s Smart Manufacturing Learning System (990-SM10) was developed in partnership with the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) to offer hands-on Industry 4.0 applications such as wireless temperature monitoring, web-based condition monitoring, web-based power monitoring, and wireless production counting all within a portable workstation. This system in an ideal training tool for future Smart Factory and Automation technicians.

The Smart Manufacturing Learning System includes: BorgConnect Hub, BorgConnect Node, Ethernet switch-5-port, Allen-Bradley Micro820 Programmable Controller, AC current sensor, load cell /parts counter, and a Wi-Fi temperature sensor. The system will include an activity guide for practicing specific skills and an installation guide.

Learning Topics

  • Basic System Operation & Set-Up
  • Temperature Control-Cooling
  • Temperature Control-Heating
  • Motor Control
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring
  • PLC Temperature Monitoring
  • Web-Based Condition Monitoring
  • Web-Based Power Monitoring
  • Wireless Production Counting

Develop Real-World Smart Factory Skills

The Smart Manufacturing Learning System (990-SM10) includes real-world components found in Smart Factory environments that learners will use to practice hands-on skills. This system also allows for user-supplied remote sensors to be used with the BorgConnect Node to test energy efficiency. Several of the sensors – including the Wi-Fi temperature sensor – can be used to monitor external, real-world components and systems.

Real-World Industry Software for Monitoring Systems

In addition to partnering with CESMII on the 990-SM10, Amatrol worked with 5G to implement their BorgConnect line into this revolutionary product. Users will practice with the BorgConnect Hub and Node to monitor temperature control, energy efficiency, and vibration monitoring skills using BorgConnect software. Learners will also use Rockwell CCW PLC programming software for developing I/O control skills.

Study Smart Factory Concepts on a Portable, Ergonomic, Easy-to-Use System

Amatrol’s learning system features a stainless steel panel design in a rugged, flameproof, ABS plastic case. Includes roller wheels, handle, locking mechanism and a pouch in case cover to store loose items, such as cables, loose components, and documentation.

Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) Mission

Radically accelerate the development and adoption of advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and models, to enable Smart Manufacturing (SM) to become the driving sustainable engine that delivers real-time business improvements in U.S. manufacturing. https://www.cesmii.org/

Hands-On Skills | Automation Systems

Advanced automation technologies are the heart of Industry 4.0 and vital parts of Amatrol programs like Industry 4.0 Fundamentals (I4F), Mechatronics, Packaging, Industrial Maintenance, and STEM. Amatrol’s automation training systems combine in-depth, comprehensive curriculum with real-world industrial components for exceptional hands-on skill-building.