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Mechatronic CNC Mill Learning System - Denford CNC Micromill: 87-MS8M60

The Mechatronic CNC Mill Training System (87-MS8M60) allows learners to use a Denford CNC Micromill in conjunction with Amatrol’s Mechatronics Servo Robotic Assembly Station (87-MS5-P2). This combination provides hands-on practice for incorporating machining and CNC Mill integration within an automated lines process. In addition to integrated automation/machining skills, learners will study about CNC programming fundamentals. Because CNC mills are used to create a variety of parts and components, learners entering the manufacturing industry will find this learning system’s hands-on practice and real-world skills invaluable.

This system includes a variety of real-world components including a Denford Micromill, mobile workstation, electro-pneumatic vise with filter/regulator, tooling package, robot-to-CNC interface, and an electro-pneumatic chip blower. The 87-MS8M60 also features world-class interactive multimedia curriculum, an install guide, and a student reference guide.

Learning Topics

  • CNC - Mechatronics Integration
  • Robot Part Loading and Unloading
  • Introduction to CNC Mill Programming
  • CNC Mill Safety
  • Startup and Shutdown Blocks
  • Design and Operation of PLC Projects Using Smart Stack Lights
  • Circular Interpolation
  • Pausing CNC Programs
  • Speeds and Feeds
  • Cycle Time Optimization
  • CNC Mill Canned Cycles
  • Subprograms
  • CNC Mill Cutter Compensation
  • Scaling and Mirroring

Practice Real-World CNC Mill Skills Integrated with Mechatronics

When integrated within a mechatronics line, a CNC mill creates a highly efficient process for making precise parts that can be assembled further down the automated line. Specific to this learning system, the Servo robot on the Mechatronics Servo Robotic Assembly Station will load valve bodies into the Denford CNC Micromill where the valve body can have a design engraved on its side, have the mounting holes enlarged, or whatever is programmed by the learner. When the micromill’s process is complete, the Servo robot will unload the valve body and return it to the Mechatronics Servo Robotic Assembly Station.

The most prominent component included with 87-MS8M60 is the Denford CNC Micromill. The Micromill is a compact 3 axis milling machine with variable spindle speeds and feedrates which make it ideal for cutting a wide range of synthetic materials. It also features a removable door panel to allow robot loading and unloading, discrete I/O to communicate with robot, and USB I/O to communicate with a PC using the Denford CNC Micromill programming software.

Already Have a CNC Mill? Consider the Mechatronics CNC Mill Learning System (87-MS8M1)

The 87-MS8M1 includes all of the content and skills included with the 87-MS8M60, but excludes the Denford CNC Micromill. This allows customers access to Amatrol’s world-class curriculum and hands-on skills that already own a Denford CNC Micromill but want to teach CNC/automation integration skills.

CNC Programming Skills in an Interactive Multimedia Format

Mechatronic CNC Mill – Denford CNC Micromill Multimedia (M24950)

Learners will study basic CNC programming, CNC mill safety, and the fundamentals of operating a CNC mill before moving on to more advanced topics such as using a robot to load and unload parts and how a CNC mill can be effectively integrated into a mechatronics line. Additional topics include: linear interpolation, startup and shutdown blocks, tooling selection, locating zero, absolute and incremental positioning and circular interpolation. This curriculum is presented in a highly interactive multimedia format that features 3D animations, video, text with audio voiceovers, and quizzes

Mechatronics | Automation Systems

Modern industry utilizes complex production systems to produce high-quality, economical products for an ever demanding world. Amatrol’s Mechatronics training programs teach systems-level thinking and industrial automation skill-building that prepares learners to for mechatronics operation, hands-on PLC programming, and industrial maintenance and problem solving for real-world manufacturing environments. With the proliferation of automation technology, mechatronics is one of the fastest growing technical education programs in the world. Many technologies are integrated to make these sophisticated production systems including mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software. In order to meet this vital industry demand, Amatrol has developed both a large scale mechatronics line and a portable, tabletop mechatronics training system, each with highly interactive eLearning mechatronics courses. Each of these systems is comprised of individual stations that can be purchased separately when mechatronics training is necessary but budgets must be observed or all together to form a total learning experience. This training experience can apply to various careers such as mechatronics engineer / technician, automation engineer / technician, and systems engineer / technician.