Robotics and Computer Programming 1 Learning System: 94-RCP1



  • Electrical (100-240V/50-60Hz/1ph)
  • Compressed Air Source

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Industrial Robotics Applications & Computer Programming Training | Learning System

Learning System: 94-RCP1

Amatrol’s Robotics & Computer Programming training system (94-RCP1) allows learners to gain skills in interfacing external devices, programming and operating robots, controlling production, and more. The 94-RCP1 will allow learners to practice and study how to identify robot and robot axis components, design programs for robots, explain how robots operate, developing workcells, and more.

This robotics and computer programming system features Pegasus Robotic Simulation Software Integrated Workstation expand the capabilities of 94-RCP-1 Optional Flexible Manufacturing Learning System 1, 94-FMS-1 and more! Learners will use these and other components to practice programming, operating, developing, and controlling of real-world robotics and computer equipment. Amatrol uses components that learners will find on-the-job in order to give the best opportunity to build confidence and industrial competencies.

Learning Topics

  • Interfacing External Devices
  • Basic Robot Programming
  • Basic Robot Operation
  • Quality Control
  • Data Outcome Based Control
  • Production Control
  • Conditional Command Operation
  • Flexible Manufacturing Cells
  • Application Development
  • Command Operation
  • Material Handling Control

Utilize Industrial Grade Components to Program and Operate Robots

The model 94-RCP1 includes an articulated servo robot, robot controller, teach pendant, programming cable, robot control software, flexible workstation, controller mounting module, keyboard and monitor module, utilities distribution module, electrical power module, compressed air distribution module, basic parts set, gravity feeder, application workcell package, robotic simulation software, robotic conveyor module, curriculum and instructor’s assessment guide. Learners will use these components to practice vital robotic and computer programming skills, such as: basic robot operation and programming, interfacing and material handling, application development, flexible manufacturing cells, quality and production control, and workcell development.

Cutting-Edge Pegasus Robotic Simulation Software

Amatrol’s Pegasus Robotic Simulation Software allows learners to program and experience a virtual robot. Simulating test programs allows learners to test ideas without harming the robot. Simulation software also leverages hardware investment by allowing more than one learner to develop skills at a time.

Unmatched Interfacing and Programming Skills

Robotics – Computer Programming 1 Multimedia Courseware (M11801)

This learning system also includes Amatrol’s world-class curriculum, which combines strong theoretical knowledge and concepts with hands-on skills for the best industrial competency-building on the market. This thorough, exceptionally detailed curriculum, which is also available in an optional multimedia format, is built to begin with the basics and steadily advance to more complex concepts and skill. Amatrol’s Robotics & Computer Programming Learning System teaches learners skills that are commonly used by technicians, and engineers in today’s industry. Learners will gain expertise in key skill areas such as interfacing external devices, data outcome based control, conditional command operation, application development, and command operation, material handling control.

Mechatronics | Automation Systems

Modern industry utilizes complex production systems to produce high-quality, economical products for an ever demanding world. Amatrol’s Mechatronics training programs teach systems-level thinking and industrial automation skill-building that prepares learners to for mechatronics operation, hands-on PLC programming, and industrial maintenance and problem solving for real-world manufacturing environments. With the proliferation of automation technology, mechatronics is one of the fastest growing technical education programs in the world. Many technologies are integrated to make these sophisticated production systems including mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software. In order to meet this vital industry demand, Amatrol has developed both a large scale mechatronics line and a portable, tabletop mechatronics training system, each with highly interactive eLearning mechatronics courses. Each of these systems is comprised of individual stations that can be purchased separately when mechatronics training is necessary but budgets must be observed or all together to form a total learning experience. This training experience can apply to various careers such as mechatronics engineer / technician, automation engineer / technician, and systems engineer / technician.