Mechatronics Electro-Hydraulic Testing Station: 87-MS9



  • Electric: 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz/1 phase
  • Compressed air
  • 16393 or 16391 Hydraulic Oil

Electro-Hydraulic Training Station | Mechatronics Training

Mechatronics Electro-Hydraulic Testing Station: 87-MS9

Amatrol’s Mechatronics Electro-Hydraulic Training Station (87-MS9) allows learners to gain valuable product testing skills used in automated processes by studying topics like station operation and adjustment, module sequencing, and station sequencing. This learning system will allow learners to practice and study how products are tested on an automated line, how these skills are integrated within a larger automated process, and an example of how hydraulics are utilized on an automated line. The 87-MS9 requires either an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix or Siemens S7300 Mechatronics Learning System (870-MPC) and integrates seamlessly with Amatrol’s full Mechatronics System or can be used with just the Torque Assembly (87-MS6) and Inventory Storage (87-MS7) Stations.

This learning system features a hydraulic press module, part clamp module, hydraulic power unit, and more! Among other demonstrations, the 87-MS9’s clamp module will pick up a test valve and the hydraulic press module will hold a test manifold against the valve body. Learners will use these and other components to practice operating, programming, and adjusting real-world mechatronics equipment. Amatrol uses components that learners will find on-the-job in order to give the best opportunity to build confidence and industrial competencies.

Learning Topics

  • Station Operation
  • Station Adjustment
  • Electro-Hydraulic Test System
  • Programmable Electronic Pressure Transducer
  • Module Sequencing
  • Pick and Place Manipulator
  • Hydraulic Clamp Module
  • Station Sequencing
  • Manual/Auto/Reset Functions

Practice Programming, Operating, and Adjusting Real Automation Equipment

The 87-MS9 includes a hydraulic press module with horizontal hydraulic cylinder and electro-hydraulic valve; hydraulic power unit; pressure transducer system; part clamp module; an operator station with lockout/tagout; and more. Learners will use these components to practice vital mechatronics skills, such as: adjusting, programming, and operating a programmable electronic pressure transducer; designing PLC programs that sequence a pick-and-place manipulator and hydraulic clamp module; and operating an electro-hydraulic test system.

Study Station Sequencing Concepts and Knowledge, Then Apply Hands-On Skills

This learning system also includes Amatrol’s world-class curriculum which combines strong theoretical knowledge and concepts with hands-on skills for the best industrial competency-building on the market. The 87-MS9’s curriculum covers major objectives like the sequence of operation of an electro-hydraulic test station and the operation of an electro-hydraulic test station with manual/auto/reset functions. The curriculum is presented in a highly interactive multimedia format. This multimedia features stunning 3D graphics, videos, voiceovers of all text, and interactive quizzes and activities.

Amatrol’s World-Class Electro-Hydraulic Mechatronics Training with Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLCs

The 87-MS9 is just one of the world-class mechatronics training options offered by Amatrol. Other mechatronics stations include Pick and Place Feeding (87-MS1), Gauging (87-MS2), Orientation Processing (87-MS3), Sorting/Buffering (87-MS4), Servo Robotic Assembly (87-MS5-P2), Torque Assembly (87-MS6), Inventory Storage (87-MS7), and CNC Mill – Denford CNC Micromill (87-MS8M60).

Additionally, Amatrol offers Mechatronics PLC training with both Siemens S7300 and Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLCs. While an Amatrol Mechatronics line can feature just Allen-Bradley or Siemens PLCs, this automated line also allows for a mix so that learners can train on industry’s two most widely-utilized PLCs simultaneously.

Unmatched Automated Inventory System Curriculum and Hands-On Skills

Multimedia Courseware – Mechatronics (Allen-Bradley CompactLogix L16/Studio 5000) (M2500)

Amatrol’s world-class curriculum, which comes with the selected PLC, combines strong theoretical knowledge and concepts with hands-on skills for the best industrial competency-building on the market. This thorough, exceptionally detailed curriculum is built to begin with the basics and steadily advance to more complex concepts and skill. The Inventory Storage station teaches interfacing, problem solving, programming, sequencing and operation for pick and place storage, pneumatic grippers and brakes, infrared sensors, and a programmable pneumatic traverse module. This station sorts the completed assemblies of working industrial directional control valves. Interactive multimedia is included for select Allen Bradley and Siemens processors

Mechatronics | Automation Systems

Modern industry utilizes complex production systems to produce high-quality, economical products for an ever demanding world. Amatrol’s Mechatronics training programs teach systems-level thinking and industrial automation skill-building that prepares learners to for mechatronics operation, hands-on PLC programming, and industrial maintenance and problem solving for real-world manufacturing environments. With the proliferation of automation technology, mechatronics is one of the fastest growing technical education programs in the world. Many technologies are integrated to make these sophisticated production systems including mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software. In order to meet this vital industry demand, Amatrol has developed both a large scale mechatronics line and a portable, tabletop mechatronics training system, each with highly interactive eLearning mechatronics courses. Each of these systems is comprised of individual stations that can be purchased separately when mechatronics training is necessary but budgets must be observed or all together to form a total learning experience. This training experience can apply to various careers such as mechatronics engineer / technician, automation engineer / technician, and systems engineer / technician.