Tabletop Smart Factory RFID/Sensors | eLearning Multimedia

eLearning Course: M25155

Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory RFID/Sensors Learning System, AB L16 (M25155) is an integral part of the Tabletop Smart Factory training line and is used to teach about RFID operation and programming, smart pressure sensors, and smart photoelectric sensors.

Learners will cover topics like: factors that affect RFID system operation; how to configure an IO-Link Master in a PLC project; the operation of PLC comparison instruction; the operation of a smart pressure sensor in a PLC project; and how to configure a smart photoelectric sensor in a PLC project.

Learning Topics

  • RFID Operation
  • RFID Programming
  • IO-Link Master Configuration
  • RFID Function Block Instruction
  • PLC Comparison Instruction
  • Smart Pressure Sensors
  • Vacuum Sensor PLC Projects
  • Smart Photoelectric Sensors

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