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Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) | Robot Programming Training

Flexible Manufacturing Learning System 1: E11302

Amatrol’s Flexible Manufacturing System training curriculum adds to the Automated Material Handling Learning System to teach advanced programming application of robotic systems. Applications include linear motion, palletizing, barcode readers, digital gauging, CNC workcells, serial communications, multitasking and interrupts. These capabilities are commonly found in the current generation of industrial robots. (References 94-FMS-1-A)

Learning Topics

  • Palletizing
  • Servo Traverse Axes
  • CNC/FMS I/O Interfacing
  • Serial Communications
  • Barcode Readers
  • Digital Indicators
  • Automated Gauging
  • Multitasking
  • Program Interrupts
  • ASCII Data Manipulation
  • World and Tool Coordinates
  • Linear Motion
  • Point Arrays
  • Robotic Assembly

What is a Flexible Manufacturing System?

A flexible manufacturing system, or FMS, consists of a group of automated machines linked by a material handling system and a central computer that can be programmed to make a variety of products, product styles, or parts. The purpose of an FMS system is to save cost and reduce delivery lead times by using the same machines to make multiple products with little-to-no modifications other than changing programs.

A small FMS might consist of one or two CNC machining stations that are loaded by a robot and centrally controlled by a programmable controller. The robot automatically loads raw material and unloads finished parts for each CNC machines. The PLC can be programmed to signal the robot and CNC machine to change programs automatically to make a variety of products or parts.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems 1 eBooks Allow Online Access to Curriculum and Training!

Amatrol’s eBooks look like a real book and allow users to flip between pages with ease. Enhanced with features such as keyword searches and zoom controls that enable a user to quickly locate and view information, these eBooks are a fantastic learning tool.

Amatrol’s eBooks are available online and can be used by anyone with access to Amatrol’s Learning Management System (LMS). Optionally, if you choose to use your own LMS, these eBooks are SCORM compatible to allow smooth integration into your current training system. Combined with our already extensive library of interactive multimedia titles, which are also SCORM compatible, users can now complete their entire course work online!