FANUC Robot Station Learning System - Tabletop Mechatronics: 87-TMS4F

87-TMS4F shown with 87-TMS1, 87-TMS2, 87-TMS3, 88-200-4, (3) 870-PTAB82, and additional options.

A Student Reference Guide sourced from the system’s interactive eLearning includes the entire series’ technical content from the learning objectives.


  • Tabletop Mechatronics Learning System (870-PTAB82)
  • Mobile Workstation (88-200-4)
  • 16'W x 8.2'D footprint to accommodate safety scanner
  • Knowledge of basic FANUC programming
  • 45060 Retrofit Kit (only if 87-TMS1-3 shipped prior to 2/12/20)


  • Electric: 120 VAC/60 Hz/1 phase
  • Compressed air


Available exclusively to secondary and post-secondary educational organizations.

Fanuc Robot Station Learning System | Tabletop Mechatronics

FANUC Robot Station Learning System - Tabletop Mechatronics: 87-TMS4F

The FANUC Robot Station Learning System - Tabletop Mechatronics (87-TMS4F) integrates a FANUC 200iD 6-axis articulated arm servo robot station to Amatrol’s Tabletop Mechatronics Learning System.

This FANUC Robot Station training system teaches the concepts of servo robot material handling using a FANUC robot to retrieve parts from three sliding chutes on Tabletop Mechatronics’ Station 3 (87-TMS3) and places them in the gravity feeder on Station 1 (87-TMS1) or in one of the bins mounted on the end of the workstation (88-200). This operation provides a continuous loop system or a means to transfer parts out of the system.

Learning Topics

  • Laser Area Scanners and Station Operation
  • Work Envelope of a Robot
  • Robot-Based Inventory System Function
  • Robot-Based Inventory Station Operation
  • Robot Work Cell Applications
  • Construction of a Flow Chart
  • Interfacing a PLC to a Robot via Discrete I/O
  • Testing a FANUC Robot I/O
  • FANUC Conditional Commands
  • Robot-Based Inventory System Sequence of Operation

Real-World Industrial Components

The Fanuc Robot Station Learning System includes a FANUC 200iD 6-axis articulated arm servo robot, FANUC R30iB Mate Plus controller with teach pendant, electro-pneumatic gripper, FANUC EDU software bundle, laser scanner system, mounting of robot and controller to 88-200 workstation, feeder assembly with limit switch, and parts storage chutes.

Practice Hands-On Mechatronics Skills

Learners will use these components to practice hands-on skills like testing an area laser scanner, operating a servo robot-based inventory station, constructing a flow chart given a general sequence of operations, designing a mechatronics-PLC-to-robot workstation interface wiring diagram using discrete I/O, testing FANUC robot I/O, entering a robot program that uses FANUC conditional commands, and designing a robot program that uses discrete I/O to perform robot-based inventory functions.

Highly-Interactive Multimedia Format Appeals to All Learning Styles

This learning system features Amatrol’s world-class eLearning. The Fanuc Robot Station eLearning course (M25159) features topics such as: the function of a robot-based inventory system and give an application; how to test an area laser scanner; the operation of a robot-based inventory station; how to interface a PLC to a robot via discrete I/O; and the operation of the FANUC conditional commands.

Amatrol’s eLearning curriculum features a highly-interactive multimedia format. Stunning 3D animations, videos, pictures, voiceovers of all text, and interactive quizzes and exercises bring learning to life. Amatrol’s multimedia curriculum contains elements that will appeal to every learning style, keeping learners motivated and engaged.