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CNC Machine Tools Training and Skill-Building |Denford Micromill

eLearning Course: 95-CNC1D

CNC mills are used to create a variety of parts and components in the manufacturing industry. A CNC (computer numerical control) mill uses a computer to control the movement of its cutter and table creating more accurate and consistent parts at a faster speed than a manual mill. Amatrol’s CNC Machine Tools Learning System teaches basic safety and operation of the CNC mill as well as programming fundamentals such as: linear interpolation, startup and shutdown blocks, tooling selection, locating zero, absolute and incremental positioning and circular interpolation. This system also covers essential CNC skills like calculating the speeds and feeds for CNC operations, how canned cycles and subprograms are used to simplify CNC programs, and how to use cutter compensation.

Amatrol’s CNC Machine Tools Learning System consists of a Denford CNC milling machine with VR milling software and a tooling package. This system includes printed curriculum, but also offers optional interactive multimedia for an online learning experience. The CNC Machine Tools Learning System teaches the fundamentals of CNC machining using real world applications and industrial grade components.

Learning Topics

  • Basic CNC Mill Programming
  • CNC Mill Safety
  • Startup and Shutdown Blocks
  • Tooling Selection
  • Circular Interpolation
  • Speeds and Feeds
  • CNC Mill Canned Cycles
  • CNC Mill Cutter Compensation
  • Cutter Compensation Left and Right
  • Scaling and Mirroring

Denford Micromill and CNC Machine Control Software

The Denford Micromill is designed specifically for training and education. The Micromill is a compact 3 axis milling machine with variable spindle speeds and feedrates which make it ideal for cutting a wide range of synthetic materials. The 95-CNC1D includes the Micromill and 15700-D tooling package, offering a low-cost introduction to CNC manufacturing technology.Denford’s VR Milling CNC Machine Control Software allows the user to create and edit a CNC program prior to using the mill with powerful 3D simulation.

The VR Milling software includes the following features: CNC program editing, help files associated with G and M code programming and CNC file structure, online and offline machine control, toolpath simulation, and tooling set up. Learners will use this equipment to practice hands-on skills like: determining the feed rate for a machining operation; designing a CNC program that uses counterboring cycle; and designing a CNC program that uses mirroring.

Optional Multimedia Curriculum

The CNC Machine Tools Learning System’s optional interactive multimedia curriculum includes extensive videos, 3D animations, interactive exercises, and colorful graphics that will motivate and engage learners. Amatrol multimedia is skills-based and provides a complete learning experience for the student with theory presentation and hands-on exercises.

Customer-Supplied Denford Micromill

In addition to the 95-CNC1D, which includes a Denford Micromill, Amatrol also offers the 96-CNC1DC that allows customers to supply their own Denford Micromill and benefit from Amatrol’s world-class curriculum.

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