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  • CNC Machines 2 Learning System - Denford Micromill (96-CNC2D)

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CNC Machines 2 eLearning Courseware | Denford Micromill

eLearning Course: MB706D

Amatrol's CNC Machines 2 - Denford Micromill eLearning course (MB706D) explores the topics of speeds and feeds, CNC Mill canned cycles, and CNC Mill cutter compensation. It explains the importance and effects of spindle speed, feed rate and cycle time optimization, the drilling cycle, alternate drilling cycles which teaches users the skills to design CNC programs that use counter-boring, pecking, and boring cycles, and subprograms. Also explained in this course is cutter compensation left, cutter compensation right, scaling and mirroring.

Learning Topics

  • Spindle Speed
  • Feed Rate
  • Cycle Time Optimization
  • The Drilling Cycle
  • Counterboring Cycle G-Code
  • Pecking Cycle G-Code
  • Boring Cycle G-Code
  • Subprogram M-Code
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Scaling & Mirroring

Spindle Speed & Feed Rate Calculation

In this course, learners will practice with given formulas to calculate spindle speed and feed rate in both US Customary and SI metric measurements. This includes calculating spindle speed for reaming, countersinking, and counterboring.

G-Code Syntax

Users will also learn about G-code syntax for canned cycles and why this type of coding helps with programming efficiency. Examples provided for cycle G-Code include counterboring, pecking, and boring. Subprograms, which use M-Code, are also explained in this context.

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