When it comes to industries, agriculture can stake its claim to being one of the oldest industries in the world with a history that stretches back over 12,000 years. What began with small groups of people in different parts of the world figuring out how to domesticate animals and grow their own food has become a multi-trillion-dollar industry that connects nations across the globe.

Sparked by a series of industrial revolutions, major changes have taken place throughout industry over the last couple of centuries. These same changes have shaped agriculture over the years. Manual processes and hand tools were replaced with machines. Technological advances, including computers and the Internet, have made agricultural machines and processes more productive and efficient.

As technology continues to advance, agriculture must keep evolving to ensure that productivity keeps pace with an ever-expanding world population. In fact, today’s agricultural experts need experience with more types of technology than ever before.


Technical training for agriculture is more important than ever. The next generation of agricultural experts must possess a broad range of knowledge across a variety of areas, including electrical, mechanical, fluid power, and alternative energy.

With more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art training systems, Amatrol remains the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning for industry and education. What sets Amatrol apart is its dedication to providing comprehensive training solutions that integrate in-depth multimedia eLearning curriculum with hands-on trainers that feature real-world industrial components.

For agritech, Amatrol offers a variety of technical training solutions for both industry and education. Explore the option that best suits your needs and learn more about Amatrol’s eLearning curriculum and hands-on, industrial-quality training systems.


With the Fourth Industrial Revolution firmly underway, technical training for agriculture holds the key to unlocking new breakthroughs in productivity and efficiency. Amatrol offers a wide variety of advanced technical training across a broad array of subject areas relevant to both industry and educational institutions. For more information, click the “Request Info” button above and click the image below to view Amatrol’s Agritech brochure:

Amatrol’s Training Combines Multimedia Curriculum with Real-World Equipment

To engage and reach learners with a variety of learning styles, Amatrol’s training programs feature a robust combination of learning methods to provide an outstanding learning experience that includes both comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on skills. Examples include:

Highly-Interactive Multimedia Curriculum

Amatrol’s eLearning offers flexible, self-directed technical training with comprehensive content and exceptional interactivity for practical skill development. Amatrol’s curriculum features a highly-interactive, multimedia format that includes stunning 3D graphics and videos, voiceovers of all text, and interactive exercises designed to appeal to learners with different learning styles. To learn more about Amatrol’s eLearning, click here.

Hands-On Skills with Real-World Equipment

Amatrol’s full-size training systems are loaded with real-world, industrial components to enable learners to gain hands-on practice with the type of equipment they will encounter in real life. Amatrol also offers a wide variety of portable training systems perfect for sharing between locations or when space is limited. Although portable, these systems don’t sacrifice learning outcomes for flexibility. Amatrol’s portable systems offer the same type of hands-on training with comprehensive interactive multimedia curriculum available in full-size training systems