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Wind Concepts eLearning | Wind Energy & Technology Training

eLearning Course: M20011

Unlike solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which harness solar power to generate electrical power, solar thermal systems collect energy from the sun and convert it into heat.

Solar thermal systems transfer the heat generated from their solar collectors to residential or business water systems. Solar thermal systems are especially effective for businesses and residential properties that have a large hot water requirement.

Learning Topics

  • Wind Resources
  • Wind Resource Measurement
  • Wind Power Systems
  • Utility-Scale Wind Power Systems
  • Wind Power Industry
  • Small Wind Power Systems
  • Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
  • Wind Power Characteristics
  • Wind Turbine Ratings
  • Wind Turbine Capacity & Availability
  • Wind Plant Siting
  • Wind Plant Economics

Strong Depth and Breadth of Content

Wind Concepts eLearning (M20011) introduces wind energy as an important source of power that is growing dramatically. Wind farms can be found in virtually all areas – from cold, arctic conditions to the tropics. Wind concepts provides learners an understanding of the basics of how we can harness wind energy, either in large utility-scale turbine farms or in small wind applications. Amatrol’s Wind Concepts eLearning provides an overview of a broad range of basic concepts in wind energy and technology including how wind power systems work and what it takes to generate power with wind technology.

Engaging Multimedia

Amatrol’s extensive, thorough multimedia covers green energy basics such as wind concepts. Interactive screens paired with instructive graphics teach wind concepts topics from wind power systems to wind turbine siting. Learners can then apply this theoretical knowledge to immediate hands-on skills. For example, learners study wind power characteristics and then on their own calculate the wind turbine power given meteorological conditions for applied practice. This combination of theory and practice ingrains concepts in a learner’s mind and makes more advanced topics easier to comprehend. (References 950-WC1)

Green Technologies | eLearning Systems

Amatrol’s Green Energy Technology eLearning courses cover two concepts: Wind Turbine Technology and Solar Technology. This learning program starts with many traditional technical disciplines like electric motor control, wiring, rotation machines, hydraulics, mechanical fabrication, print reading, etc. and moves into more specialized skills in wind turbine and solar thermal concepts and installation.