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  • Data Acquisition Learning System - Solar / Wind (85-ADA1)

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Solar / Wind eLearning | Data Acquisition, Operation, Performance, Configuration

eLearning Course: M20329

The Data Acquisition - Solar / Wind eLearning course (M20329) teaches data collection, acquisition systems, DC and AC voltage current operation, system performance and configuration. Learners will study objectives like: the function of a data logger, the basic operation of an analog-to-digital converter, the locations of DC and AC voltage and current in solar PV and small wind systems, and the configuration and display of data using a data acquisition system.

Learning Topics

  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • AC / DC Voltage and Current Data Collection
  • System Performance and Configuration

What are Data Acquisition Systems?

A data acquisition (DAQ) system is a computer-based method used to measure conditions in machines and environmental conditions. Data acquisition systems use a computer to receive data from electronic sensors that measure variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, and current. The computer then uses software to analyze, display, and store the data it receives.

Data acquisition systems are commonly used to monitor solar and wind conditions to determine if a given site is suitable for the installation of solar panels or wind turbines. To collect wind data, for example, a meteorological evaluation tower (MET) might be installed on the site and allowed to collect data for a period of time to determine the nature of the wind characteristics at that site. Data acquisition systems are also used to monitor operating conditions after installation of the solar PV or wind turbine systems. The DAQ system may be part of the solar and wind system controllers or a separate system. These systems typically monitor the wind or solar system itself as well as the wind or solar conditions, thereby monitoring total system performance.

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