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Multiple Pump Systems eBook | Series and Parallel Pumps eLearning

Learning System: E18611

Amatrol’s Multiple Pump Systems eBook course allows learners to study the functions and real world applications of series and parallel pumps. This course presents practical skills such as installing and operating series and parallel pumps with theoretical knowledge like measuring and graphing flow/pressure characteristics and calculating pump efficiency.

Learning Topics

  • Series Pump Installation
  • Series Pump Operation
  • Series Pump Flow/Pressure
  • Characteristics
  • Series Pump Applications
  • Parallel Pump Installation
  • Parallel Pump Operation
  • Parallel Pump Flow/Pressure
  • Characteristics
  • Parallel Pump Applications
  • Performance Curves
  • Determining Pump Efficiency

What Does a Series Pump System Do?

Series pump systems feed the output of one pump directly into the input of the next pump. This effectively raises the pressure or head of the pumped fluid. This type of system is used when one pump alone cannot create enough head to meet the requirements of the application. One application of a series pump system is to raise water in a high-rise building. The system’s mulitple pumps produce the head necessary to lift the water from underground to the top floor.

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Multiple Pump Systems eBook Allows Online Access to Curriculum!
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