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eLearning Course: MXMT206

Amatrol’s Bench Comparators eLearning Multimedia Courseware (MXMT206) focuses on the types and uses, components and accessories, and best practice uses and applications of bench comparators. The in-depth online learning specifically covers the function and benefit of bench comparators in production, the components of a bench comparator, measuring instruments used with a bench comparator, and how to align a bench comparator and measure a workplace dimension.

Learning Topics

  • Bench Comparator Components
  • Common Uses of Bench Comparators
  • Various Measurement Instruments Used On a Bench Comparator

What are Bench Comparators?

A bench comparator is an inspection instrument that holds a measuring device, such as a dial or test indicator. It allows an accurate comparison between a workpiece and a known standard. A bench comparator also checks the form of the workpiece, such as roundness and parallelism. It gets its names because it does not meaure a feature directly, like a micrometer, but instead “compare” a feature’s size to a setting master, such as a gauge block.

In addition to being used for rapid inspection and quality control, bench comparators are also used to measure the following:

  • A single length or height of a workpiece
  • Parallelism of a surface to another surface
  • The difference between two heights
  • The diameter of a workpiece
  • The roundness of a diameter
  • The taper on a diameter

The inspection process ensures part quality through accuracy, but when the inspection process takes longer than the manufacturing process, it slows down production and drives up cost. In all, bench comparators can often shorten the inspection time and improve accuracy.

Multimedia eLearning Curriculum Features Real-World Bench Comparator Knowledge

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