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About Us | Technical Learning Systems to Transform the Global Workplace

Mission: Our mission is to transform the global workforce one life at a time.

Amatrol creates innovative, interactive learning solutions for industry and education to equip people with the skills to master technical systems, solve problems and adapt to a rapidly-changing workplace. We partner with our clients to provide an unmatched learning experience.

Our learning solutions are designed and built by employees who are experts in their field, integrating the best practices in education and training to deliver knowledge and skills for real jobs. Our success is defined by an ability to provide these solutions with world-class service and support.

Core Values

We believe we can transform the global workforce by building an innovative, collaborative culture that embraces change and has a passion for excellence. Our core values are the guide for this journey.

  • Do the right thing: Show integrity by making positive, ethical decisions with long term relationships in mind. Seek the best solution for all.
  • Respect others: Act with honor. Be a role model for others with a positive, energizing attitude. Provide good stewardship of resources.
  • Be responsible: Keep commitments large and small. Earn and build enduring trust through steadfast commitment and reliable results.
  • Achieve excellence: Excel by delivering quality with speed and agility in all aspects of our business – products, processes, people, and services. Recognize our clients’ successes as the best measure of our own success.
  • Improve and grow: Aggressively improve our abilities and effectiveness by being lifelong learners, both personally and professionally. Lead by enthusiastically pursuing new ideas and new responsibilities, while learning from our experiences.
  • Communicate and collaborate: Create a partnership environment where we collaborate closely with our clients, team members, suppliers, and others to create outstanding products and services. Use extensive and open communications to maximize our effectiveness.

Company Overview

Amatrol is the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning. Our comprehensive learning solutions range from engaging high school students in the learning of basic science and math to teaching hands-on skills in the latest, highly sophisticated motor drives. Our interactivity, both in equipment and computer-based learning solutions, integrated with strong alignment to industry needs is what makes Amatrol the industry’s leading technical education provider. Amatrol’s learning solutions include interactive multimedia as well as print-based student learning materials, virtual trainers, teacher’s guides, industrial quality hands-on training equipment, and instructor training.

Markets Served

Amatrol currently serves a wide range of educational markets, including universities, community colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools, high schools, middle schools, and industry. The programs served within these institutions include engineering, engineering technology, technology, construction, manufacturing, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, electrical maintenance, mechanical maintenance, mechatronics, and pre-engineering.


Amatrol offers learning systems for a broad array of topics including: power and energy, controls, manufacturing processes, design, fluids, fluid power, thermal, electrical, electrical motors, mechanical, communications, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and automation. Amatrol also offers a rich array of multimedia and eLearning on all key technical topics including hands-on technical skills via virtual trainers.

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