Advanced Statistical Process Control eLearning | Control Charts & Variations Training

eLearning Course: MXQS304

Statistical Process Control 2 eLearning builds on the key concepts of SPC, delving deeper into control charts and interpreting sources of variation. Learners look at assignable and system causes of variation. They gain experience in interpreting SPC data and determining process capability.

Learning Topics

  • Interpreting Data and Control Limits
  • Assignable Causes
  • System Causes
  • Variation Sources
  • Interpret Graphical Information
  • Determine Process Capability
  • Capability Index
  • Interpret CPK

Interpreting Control Charts

In this course, users will learn how to interpret control charts to identify patterns and determine if a process is out of control. They will learn about average lines, runs, trends, periodicity, and hugging. Specifically with hugging, learners will be shown how to diagnose hugging via control limits, midpoints, and splitting zones.

Identify Common Variation Sources

Learners will see examples of how materials, people, machines, and inspection methods can cause variation in a production process.

Advanced Statistical Process Control eLearning Features Engaging Multimedia Curriculum

Amatrol’s unmatched multimedia utilizes text, audio, and stunning 3D animations that engage learners in theoretical knowledge and concepts. This thorough, exceptionally detailed curriculum is built to begin with the basics and steadily advance to more complex concepts. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading edge educators, Amatrol developed the right balance of knowledge needed to train learners to work in their chosen field.

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