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Amatrol’s quality assurance training systems are the best in the industry. Our learning programs are developed in partnership with industry and education to insure that the skills are on target to support modern industry needs, including precision measurement training, precision gauging training, and micrometer applications.

Amatrol offers excellent training systems to meet the many diverse demands in quality training. Our learning programs are equally effective for technicians, engineer, production workers and anyone needing further understanding and skills in quality systems.

Hands-on, job-ready skills for industrial certifications

Using the combination of physical training systems and eLearning, Amatrol teaches the skills industry professional are looking for when hiring. Not only do students get the hands-on experience of working on real-life systems with industrial-grade components, but they also gain theoretical knowledge using Amatrol’s world-class online curriculum. Amatrol’s Quality Assurance training is ideal for any technical training center or classroom.

Training Systems:

  • Measurement Tools 1 Learning System (950-MES1): teaches learners the fundamental principles of measurement, including basic and precision measurement and direct and indirect gauging. The concepts and skills covered in Amatrol’s in-depth curriculum are critical and used in every manufacturing plant in the world by inspectors, machinists, manufacturing engineers, and others to determine if parts meet quality standards.
  • Portable Measurement Tools Learning System (990-MES1): introduces the fundamental principles of measurement including basic & precision measurement, direct & indirect gauging, and dimensional measurements using both the U.S. customary system as well as S.I. metric system. Understanding how to perform accurate measurements is relevant to technical careers such as quality control inspector, machinist, manufacturing engineer, operations manager, and production technician.
  • Portable Precision Gauging Learning System (990-PG1): allows learners at multiple sites to practice vital measurement skills. The 990-PG1 provides learners the opportunity to use real-world components to practice hands-on skills, such as using a plug gauge to measure the smooth bores in parts and gauging machined lips containing various defects.

High School Training Systems:

  • Measurement Tools 1 Learning System (96-MES1): introduces the fundamental principles of measurement including basic measurement, precision measurement, direct gauging, indirect gauging, and dimensional measurements using both the U.S. customary system as well as S.I. metric system.
  • Measurement Tools 2 Learning System (96-MES2): teaches the statistical process control (SPC), a fundamental underpinning of modern industry. Students will learn industry-relevant skills through application of the SPC software, including basic statistical concepts, histogram development and analysis, control chart basics, X bar and R chart operation, and control chart analysis.
  • Measurement Tools 3 Learning System (96-MES3): teaches the high demand skills of conventional and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, a key component of quality assurance. General Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) techniques are common practice in a wide range of industries, meaning the knowledge and hands-on practice offered by the 96-MES3 will provide learners with marketable skills.

Multimedia:Quality Assurance Training Technical Learning Multimedia

Along with Amatrol’s hands-on learning system, their one-of-a-kind eLearning curriculum takes training to the next level. Available 24 x 7 through our Learning Management System (LMS), students have easy access to educational opportunities for technical skill development previously restricted to the classroom.

An example of some of our eLearning and Virtual Training content:

To learn more about how our training systems are developed, take a look at Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing Program.

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