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Enterprise Systems 2 | Essential Workplace Team-Building Skills Training

eLearning Course: E11902

The Enterprise Systems 2 eBook (E11902) concept of organizing work groups into teams is an exciting development. Essential Workplace Team-Building Skills Training has energized today’s enterprises and played a key role in enabling companies to compete in the highly competitive global economy. Working on teams has enabled people to work more efficiently and effectively. It has also made work a lot more fun and rewarding for many people.

This online course covers many valuable topics including: why teams work; interpersonal skills; successful team characteristics; conducting team meetings; idea generation tools; problem-solving analysis; design analysis concepts; product design analysis; engineering ethics; patenting; and product evolution.

Learning Topics

  • Team Development
  • Team Member Skills
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Analysis Tools
  • Product Design Analysis
  • Ergonomics
  • Product Evolution
  • Engineering Impacts
  • Engineering Ethics

How is Team Building in the Workplace Carried Out?

The decision to create a team is most often made by management. Their first step is to decide what type of team (e.g. cross-functional, departmental, product creation, or process improvement) to create and what its purpose or goal will be. Next, management will normally select the team leader, although sometimes the team members will select the team leader. Management may also select a core group of members to start the group, or even all the members. In some cases, the team leader or core members will select the remaining members. Selection of members may or may not have been voluntary.

The team leader should get an agreement with management on a number of points. These include:

  • Ground rules the team will have to follow.
  • Type of reporting to management and any other parties that might need to be informed and how often.
  • Resources that might be available.
  • The level of authority the team will have to make decisions and carry them out.

This last point is critical. Many teams have begun their mission with tremendous excitement and creativity, only to become very unhappy when their solution isn’t carried out. It’s important to remember purpose and process are two of the characteristics necessary to make the team successful.

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