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Communication Skills Training | Effective Communication eLearning Course

eLearning Course: MXPD101

Amatrol’s Communication Skills Training Courseware (MXPD101) explains the importance of effective communication, listening skills, and feedback in being able to achieve work goals. Learners practice identifying the roles of the sender and receiver and gain an understanding of the effects of encoding and decoding communication. Communication Skills identifies the barriers to effective communication and highlights appropriate types of communication to use in various situations.

Learning Topics

  • Barriers to Communication
  • The Communication Process
  • How Communication Begins with Forming an Idea
  • How to Construct a Clear Message
  • How to Be an Active Listener
  • The Barriers to Active Listening
  • Spoken, Written, and Electronic Communication
  • Techniques for Effective Feedback
  • Non-Verbal Language
  • How Gestures Are Used in Communication

Why is Communication Important?

Communication is a process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding. Communication failures are not usually life or death matters, but they often lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict. Yet, these communication failures happen all the time. Communication is a shared activity. Failing to understand that the responsibility for a successful outcome lies with both people is the single-largest obstacle in the way of effective communication.

Communication is an important process. When it fails, it’s the cause of much of the conflict in the world. When it works, it can be the solution to conflict. It is the most important element in a person’s relationship with their spouse, child, boss, and anyone else they might encounter on a daily basis. A person’s ability to communicate effectively may be the single-most important factor that determines work success.

Highly-Interactive Multimedia Format Appeals to All Learning Styles

Amatrol's communication skills eLearning course features interactive eLearning curriculum that integrates various types of learning methods to create an engaging, effective learning experience. Amatrol’s multimedia eLearning curriculum includes text with voiceovers, videos, 3D animations, pictures, and interactive activities, quizzes, and self-reviews.

Free Learning Management System (LMS)

Amatrol eLearning is easy-to-use for both students and instructors. Its web-based interface is simple to navigate and available on any WebGL-compatible Internet browser. Instructors love Amatrol eLearning for its simple, yet sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS allows instructors to create custom courses, monitor student participation, track course progress, assess knowledge levels prior to a course, and test knowledge levels after completion. Learners appreciate the fact that they can start and stop as needed, moving through each Amatrol course at their own pace. If a self-review reveals that they didn’t understand a particular topic as well as they thought they did, they can revisit it before moving on.

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