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  • Enterprise Systems 1 Learning System (96-ES1)

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Essential Workplace Skills Training | Enterprise Systems eLearning

eLearning Course: M11901

Amatrol’s Enterprise Systems 1 eLearning course (M11901) lays the foundation for essential workplace skills. Too often, people attempt to contribute to an organization without underpinning skills such as communications, problem solving, working effectively in teams, presenting an idea effectively, and working with others to generate ideas, just to name a few. Using a structured learning approach, Enterprise Systems 1 teaches key skills needed in any organization.

The Essential Workplace Skills Training curriculum begins by discussing the seven sectors of technology and then moves on to fundamental business skills like: successful team characteristics; how to create ideas with a team to solve problems; basic processes used to design products; business presentation components, creation, and outlines; and internet research and executive summaries.

Learning Topics

  • Technology Sectors
  • Team Concepts
  • Problem Solving
  • Idea Generation
  • Decision Making
  • Product Design
  • Product Costing
  • Design Models
  • Business Presentations
  • Oral Communications
  • Internet Research

Practice Creating a Bill of Materials and Developing Executive Summaries

In addition to studying necessary business concepts and ideas within Enterprise Systems 1, learners will have a chance to practice many real-world skills. The 96-ES1 offers the opportunity to create a bill of materials for a product given a sample, use a hot wire cutter to create a model, create and deliver a short presentation, and develop an executive summary.

Expand Foundational Business Knowledge Through Enterprise Systems 2 and 3

Within Enterprise Systems 2, learners will plan and conduct a team meeting, construct a Pareto chart, evaluate product designs using the grid method, and write a patent application. Finally, Enterprise Systems 3 allows learners to use Excel to create a GDP spreadsheet, identify a target market for a product, and determine the requirements for incorporating in a given state or province.

Enterprise Systems: The Foundation of Amatrol’s Project Based Learning Program

The Enterprise Systems courses are the foundation of Amatrol’s expansive Project Based Learning program. The main tenants of the Project Based Learning program are teamwork and problem solving. Enterprise Systems will teach high school students how to communicate and effectively work in teams. These skills can then be applied along with technical knowledge in areas like electrical, automation, fluid power, and thermal to solve design problems and build project kits, such as constructing a hovercraft or an automated can crusher.

Highly-Interactive Multimedia Format Appeals to All Learning Styles

The included curriculum for the Enterprise Systems 1 eLearning course is presented in a highly attractive interactive multimedia format. This curriculum can be used anywhere with a computer and is designed for both self-paced and classroom teaching methods. Amatrol’s multimedia curriculum features all of the depth of topics and skills that Amatrol is known for, but adds 3D graphics, video, interactive quizzes and exercises, and voiceovers of the text.

Workplace Effectiveness Training | eLearning Courses

Amatrol offers a variety of eLearning courses to teach workplace effectiveness topics, including teamwork, idea generation, ethics, and more!