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Machine Tools 3 (96-MP3)

Model Number: 96-MP3

Learning Topics

  • Introduction to the Manual Lathe
  • Lathe Components and Safety
  • Turning Operations
  • Lathe Control
  • Roughing and Finishing Operations
  • Lathe Operations
  • Cutting Chamfers
  • Grooving Operations
  • Threading Operations
  • Drilling Operations
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Amatrol’s Machine Tools 3 (96-MP3) covers the operation of a manual lathe. Learners will study topics like chamfering, drilling, and how to reduce the diameter of a part to a certain size with a smooth finish. Learners will use these and other topics to practice hands-on skills, such as: mounting a cutting tool to the lathe; determining the type of micrometer collar; and creating external threads on a part. This system requires Machine Tools 1 (96-MP1), a manual lathe machine, and a computer.

Key Features

  • Covers the operation of a manual lathe
  • Practice skills like: mounting a cutting tool to the lathe and determining the type of micrometer collar
  • Curriculum is presented in a highly-interactive multimedia format

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