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STEM Training for High School Students | Manufacturing, HVAC, Biotech

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Amatrol’s STEM Curriculum is Interactive, Engaging, and Challenging

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Without math and science, there is simply no technology or engineering. Integrating technology into math and science is key to making it attractive to today’s technology savvy students and provide a form of engineering college prep.

Challenge is core to engaging today’s students. Amatrol’s virtual technology grabs student’s interest and leads them to develop STEM knowledge as they travel the road to “How do I get this to work?”

Amatrol’s High School Learning Systems create the need for students to want to learn math and science – they can’t interact with the exciting technology without it. Learning is interactive and challenging, keeping them engaged and wanting to do more. The math and science so desperately needed for 80% of jobs today is a natural outcome.

When students leaving high school prior to graduation were surveyed as to why they left, the most frequent answer was “boredom.” Amatrol’s highly engaging, interactive approach keeps students thinking and problem solving continuously. The curriculum can allow students to go at their own pace, slow or fast, so that boredom is simply not a factor.

STEM training is essential for high school students today. The kids are smart, technology savvy, and more demanding of their educational experience than ever before. Challenge them with technology that requires STEM skills and they will engage and learn. Amatrol’s learning systems open the door to a bright future where students with STEM knowledge have many career choices.

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