M33334 eLearning Curriculum Sample Showing HART Master and Slave Devices for a HART Network



  • HART Process Control Learning System (T5552-H1)

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HART Process Control 1 | eLearning Course

eLearning Course: M33334

HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) technology enables both analog and digital data from smart sensors to be simultaneously transmitted back to a process controller. In Amatrol's HART Process Control 1 (M33334) eLearning course, users will learn HART protocol and software.

Learning Topics

  • HART Data Transmission
  • HART Network Components
  • Master & Slave Field Devices
  • HART Networking Methods
  • HART Modem Configuration
  • Burst Mode & Parked Devices
  • HART Software Controls
  • HART Software Applications

Network Components & Methods

Amatrol's HART Process Control 1 (M33334) eLearning course teaches learners about HART protocol fundamentals. Through interactive diagrams and animations, learners will build knowledge and understanding of master and slave devices, point-to-point and multidrop networks, implementation and wiring of a HART process control system, and network configurations for optimal data transmission.

Software Controls

HART software is also covered in this course, and screenshots of HART's user interface are provided to illustrate where learners will find different settings and commands. Specific topics discussed include selecting ranked variables, remote re-ranging and monitoring, loop integrity testing, device modes, and more.

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