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Skill Boss Manufacturing: 4 Reasons Your Training Program Needs It

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In chess, the King is the most important piece in the game because without it, the game would be over. Its value to your success is infinite.

This also describes the Skill Boss Manufacturing, one of Amatrol’s most popular training systems: the King.

Not only does this transformational training device teach students in ways that no other system on the market can, as well as provide an infinitely valuable pre-hire assessment device for companies, but it’s also the cornerstone in achieving the coveted Certified Production Technician Plus (CPT+) certification from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC).

Here are four reasons why your Training Program needs the Skill Boss Manufacturing system:

1. Opens the Door to Earn MSSC’s CPT Plus Certification

Skill Boss Manufacturing CPT Training TestingWhen it comes to training in the field of Manufacturing, few certifications are as meaningful as MSSC’s Certified Production Technician program.

Recognized nationally and industry-led, the CPT program prepares students for advanced manufacturing production at the front-line. Its skills-forward approach to training covers four foundational areas of safety, quality, manufacturing processes, and maintenance, and its curriculum is recognized by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

But when combined with Amatrol’s Skill Boss Manufacturing, the program advances to another level, shifting its training focus from job-ready skills to next generation roles within a computer-driven, data-intensive workplace.

The Skill Boss Manufacturing, which is a computer-controlled machine, performs a wide variety of functions aligned with more than 55 CPT skills (and over 60 skills overall), all of which were drawn from the MSSC’s National Production Standards. It allows students to get hands-on training, as well as providing assessment as an enhancement to the signature CPT training and certification system.

By earning a CPT+ certification, learners ensure their future employers that they have received the best hands-on and theoretical training available, as well as having proof of their ability to perform a wide range of hands-on technical skills in electronic, electrical, fluid power, and mechanical systems.

2. Performance-Based Assessment: Enhance the Quality of Training with Exposure to Today’s Technologies

To survive in today’s world of manufacturing, you better be willing to learn new skills, or risk being left behind.Try Skill Boss Manufacturing Training

Fortunately, one of the most unique offerings about the Skill Boss Manufacturing is its ability to fairly assess skill levels and competencies of individuals over all sectors of manufacturing.

The system was designed to evaluate the hands-on skills needed by today’s modern manufacturing production areas, including over 60 essential skills in the areas of safety, quality, production processes, and maintenance awareness. It allows users to build those foundational workplace skills for advanced manufacturing careers, which are necessary to be immediately productive on the job.

The device also helps create more skills-focused assessments, leveling the playing field for students regardless of training background. Prior to the Skill Boss Manufacturing, students who took an organization’s training courses were privy to exposure of assessment equipment prior to testing. However those that have the skills, yet didn’t have the advantage of taking a training course, were left at a sizable disadvantage.

Now, using the Skill Boss Manufacturing as a stand-alone assessment device, a student’s learning can be evaluated better-than-ever using the device’s hands-on approach to assessment. No other system available boasts as many technologies as the Skill Boss Manufacturing, making complete, well-rounded manufacturing training impossible without it.

3. Assess Industrial Areas of Need

What do Assembly, Machine Operation, and Mechatronics have in common? They can all rely on the Skill Boss Manufacturing to assess hands-on skills.

Real World Experience, Industry Needed Skills Amatrol Skill Boss ManufacturingThe versatile device evaluates a number of distinct skills, like sensor alignment and mechanical drive assembly, across various sectors. It includes assessment of basic skills, like demonstrating a lockout/tagout or performing measurements using a caliper, to more advanced tasks, like installing a pillow block bearing or adjusting various sensors.

In addition to assessing industry-needed skills, the device also covers a variety of sectors that are in the midst of a Skills Gap and hiring difficulties. Whether it’s in the field of automation, electrical, mechanical, or even smart factory technologies, the Skill Boss Manufacturing is an instructor’s perfect tool to gauge learning comprehension in areas that desperately need workers.

So whether you have a classroom full of students eager to work with their hands, or you’re re-training seasoned employees, the Skill Boss Manufacturing guarantees organizations the industry’s best performance-based assessments for evaluation.

4. Real-World, Compact Features Makes Assessment Possibilities Unlimited

Skill Boss Manufacturing Reasons Training

We know the Skill Boss Manufacturing opens the doors for industrial certifications and enhances the quality of industrial training students receive. We also understand it gives learners unprecedented exposure to over 60 industry-needed skills, and covers sectors that are most in need of workers with updated skillsets.

But perhaps the most mind-boggling aspect of the Skill Boss Manufacturing is that it offers all of these benefits … and can still fit on a standard tabletop. Because of this convenience, the Skill Boss Manufacturing is an assessment tool your school or company can’t train without.

For schools, this device is an ideal fit in classrooms to assess skills. The device’s size is large enough for multiple individuals to work at once, yet compact enough to fit on almost any lab table. Plus, it’s eye-catching design works wonders as a recruitment device for its advanced manufacturing programs.

In the business world, companies that need to re-train workers or provide pre-hire skill screenings would benefit from its versatility. The assessment device utilizes real, industry-standard components and parts, yet is easy enough to move from room to room, if needed.

Is your experience with Allen-Bradley PLCs? What about Siemens? Either way, it doesn’t matter – Amatrol offers both an Allen-Bradley and Siemens version, giving customers more options to bolster their labs.

So if your Training Program is still without a Skill Boss Manufacturing, these four reasons might be proof it’s time to reevaluate your training curriculum, and consider purchasing Amatrol’s game-changing assessment device.

About Wes Scott

Wes Scott is a former public high school teacher and journalist. He is currently a Marketing Content Developer for Amatrol, Inc. Learn more about Amatrol and its technical training solutions, including eLearning, here and connect with Wes on Amatrol’s TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube pages.

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