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Pneumatics and hydraulics have powered machines in innumerable applications across manufacturing, industry, agriculture, power generation, and many more for decades. These power sources are utilized all over the world in countless fields, so a strong theoretical understanding combined with hands-on training in pneumatic and hydraulic applications is indispensable for nearly any industry. Amatrol’s line of fluid power training solutions, which consist of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, are second-to-none in depth of knowledge and skills and the breadth of different applications offered. These systems align with several Amatrol programs, such as: construction technology, industrial maintenance, iron and steel, oil and gas, and many more!

Hydraulics Training

Amatrol’s Hydraulics training systems includes basic, intermediate, and advanced levels so that learners can fully understand the conceptual building blocks of hydraulic power before moving on to more advanced applications and skills. Amatrol also offers training systems for electro-hydraulic, hydraulic maintenance, and hydraulic troubleshooting, as well as hydraulic training for the high school level.

To learn more about Amatrol’s Hydraulic training systems, please click here.

Pneumatics Training

Amatrol’s Pneumatics training systems first cover the basic conceptual knowledge of pneumatic power that learners will need to understand more intermediate and advanced skills and applications. In addition to basic, intermediate, and advanced pneumatic learning systems, Amatrol also offers electro-pneumatic and pneumatic troubleshooting training, as well as pneumatic systems for high schools and three portable training options.

To learn more about Amatrol’s Pneumatics training systems, please click here.

Limited Training Space? Amatrol Offers Combined Pneumatics / Hydraulics Training Options

Basic Fluid Power Training System for Technical Learning

If your training needs require both pneumatic and hydraulic preparation, Amatrol has a variety of all-in-one resources that cover basic-through-advanced knowledge and skills in both areas. The Basic Fluid Power Learning System – Single Surface Bench (850-C1) allows learners to work with up to six panels simultaneously with storage under the system for additional panels. If your logistical constraints include limited training space, Amatrol has developed double-sided versions of the 850-C1 to maximize your training options when space is tight. The Basic Fluid Power Learning System – Double Sided A-Frame Bench with One Hydraulic Manifold (850-CD2) or Two Hydraulic Manifolds (850-CD1) allows learners to work on up to twelve panels simultaneously with storage underneath the bench for additional panels.

Experience Countless Fluid Power Training Options

Fluid Power Training Technical Education Learning System

Piping Learning System (950-PS1): covers how to select, size, identify, and install a variety of piping types, fittings, and valves, including: iron pipe, steel tubing, hydraulic hose, plastic pipe, copper tubing, globe valves, gate valves, check valves, and Sloan valves.

Electronic Sensors Learning System (85-SN1): teaches the operation of electronic, non-contact sensors and their applications in industry. Electronic sensors are used in many types of applications for feedback to electric relay controls and programmable controllers. This system covers industry-relevant skills, including how to operate, install, analyze, and design sensor systems. This system can be used in conjunction with the Electro-Fluid Power Learning System (85-EF), Electro-Hydraulics Learning System (85-EH), and Electro-Pneumatics Learning System (85-EP).

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