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HART Communications Protocol Training | HART Protocol Applications

Model Name: HART Process Control 1 Learning System

Model Number: T5552-H1

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Amatrol’s T5552-H1 Hart Process Control 1 Learning System connects to the Amatrol’s T5552 Level/Flow Process Control Learning System to teach one of the most commonly used communication protocols. The HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) communications training protocol is a powerful technology that has widespread use because it has backward compatibility that lets smart sensors digitally communicate on existing 4-20 mA control wires without harming analog signals.

Using the T5552-H1, learners will practice valuable hands-on skills such as configuring and installing a HART interface, using a HART field device to verify the integrity of a process control loop, measure flow and calibrate a differential pressure flow transmitter using HART software, and many more industry skills! The HART Communications Training is highly interactive multimedia curriculum allows learners to study the theoretical aspects of HART and then follow along with step-by-step explanations of hands-on skills. Topics include HART networks, existing system integration, and calibrating HART devices and monitoring current loops.

What is HART Technology and Why Is It Important?

Analog sensors have long been used to send simple process values back to a controller. For example, a current in the range of 4 to 20 mA could represent pressure values from 0 to 100 kPa. However, with the invention of smart sensors that contain microcontrollers, it became possible to send digital data along with the analog signal. With HART protocol technology, the analog data and the digital data can all be transmitted simultaneously by piggybacking the digital data onto the analog signal.  HART technology uses the wires already present for the analog signal to transmit digital data to control devices.

A HART device’s smart sensor can transmit an analog signal to a PID controller that represents a process variable, such as fluid level. At the same time, it can digitally transmit the setpoint percentage, temperature, volume, and more. Although HART technology allows for bi-directional communication, its primary function is sending data from sensors to the controller, not from the controller to the sensors. Therefore, HART technology is rarely used to control devices.

Key Features

  • Adds to the T5552
  • Teaches one of the most commonly used process control communication protocols
  • Stong hands-on skills

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