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PLC Project Station - AB Micro810 | 87-PPSAB1

Model Name: PLC Project Station - AB Micro810

Model Number: 87-PPSAB1

Amatrol’s PLC Project Station – AB Micro810 (87-PPSAB1) is a compact, mobile programmable logic controller (PLC) training/application module. It allows standalone training via a simulator breakout panel that features output indicators, push buttons, a two-position selector switch, and a power on/off switch.

The PLC Project Station can also interface PLC I/O with other devices via breakout plug-in connections. This functionality allows the user to add PLC training to many existing Amatrol training systems in areas such as electrical, robotics, and machining. The unit is also a key component of mini projects in the IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing program.

The 87-PPSAB1 features an Allen-Bradley Micro810® Programmable Logic Controller with discrete I/O and contact blocks enclosed in a steel console. The unit comes with a USB cable, power supply, and an Installation Guide. It can also be used in conjunction with several popular software packages, including Rockwell Automation’s Connected Components Workbench™ software; Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk® View Studio Machine Edition software; and IGear factory control and data collection software (software not included).

Key Features

  • Allen-Bradley Micro810® Programmable Logic Controller with discrete I/O and contact blocks
  • Steel Console

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