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Geothermal Flush Cart Training | Pressurize a Geothermal Source Circuit

Model Name: Geothermal Flush Cart Learning System

Model Number: 95-GEO3

Amatrol’s Geothermal Flush Cart Learning System (95-GEO3) teaches how to purge debris and air from the geothermal loop and then charge it with a glycol/water solution. Dirt and plastic pipe shavings can become trapped in geothermal systems during construction and must be purged to avoid damaging the system during operation. Proper procedures for filling and pressurizing the system must be followed to avoid aerating the fluid being used to charge the system or this entrained air will lower system performance.

The Flush Cart training system, which includes a mobile cart and a pump system, will cover flush cart set-up and operation to teach how to flush, purge, charge, and pressurize the geothermal system. It also covers introducing an anti-freeze additive to prevent pipes from freezing. This hands-on green energy training solution also includes Amatrol’s world-class, highly interactive multimedia that will help learners to gain insight into the theoretical aspects of how the flush cart works and then allows them to follow along with step-by-step explanations of hands-on skills.

Multimedia Curriculum Features for Geothermal Flush Cart Training

Geothermal Flush Cart Multimedia Courseware (M12310)

Amatrol’s peerless interactive multimedia curriculum utilizes text with voiceovers, pictures, videos, stunning 3D animations, and interactive quizzes and reviews that engage learners in theoretical knowledge and concepts. This thorough, detailed curriculum begins with the basics and advances to complex concepts. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading educators, Amatrol developed the right balance of knowledge to train learners to work in their chosen field.

Student Reference Guide

A sample copy of this course’s Student Reference Guide is included with the learning system. Sourced from the curriculum, the Student Reference Guide takes the entire series’ technical content contained in the learning objectives and combines them into one perfectly-bound book. If you would like to inquire about purchasing additional Student Reference Guides for your program, contact your local Amatrol Representative for more information.

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  • Expands geothermal learning capability
  • Learn how to purge debris from a geothermal system

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