• 895-AB PLC Troubleshooting Learning System:
    • PLC Troubleshooting Learning System-AB ControlLogix (895-AB551)
    • PLC Troubleshooting Learning System-AB CompactLogix L30 with Modular IO (895-AB53M1)
    • PLC Troubleshooting Learning System-AB CompactLogix L16 with Point IO (895-AB53P1)
  • Computer (see Computer Requirements)


  • Electricity (120V/60Hz/1ph)
  • Compressed Air


  • PLC Electronic Operator Interface Learning System - 6" Display (895-HMIAB1)
  • PLC Electronic Operator Interface Learning System - 10" Display (895-HMIAB2)
  • PLC Distributed I/O Learning System (895-DIOAB1)
  • PLC Ethernet Network Learning System (895-ENAB1)
  • PLC Ethernet Network Learning System, DLR and NAT Capable (895-ENAB2)
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications Learning System (895-WLAB1)
  • PLC Automatic Identification Learning System (895-IDAB1)
  • PLC Motion Control Learning System - AB 1-Axis (895-MC1)
  • PLC Motion Control Learning System - AB 2-Axis (895-MC2)
  • Cloud-Based Visual Communications Learning System (895-VCAB1)
  • PLC High Speed Counter Learning System (895-HSCAB1)
  • PLC Ethernet I/P Communications Learning System (895-EIPAB1)
  • PLC-Controlled AC Electronic Drive Learning System (895-DRV1)
  • PLC Pneumatic Process Control Learning System (895-IPC1)
  • PLC Smart Sensor Learning System (895-SS10)

Smart Controls Troubleshooting Workstation| Hands-On PLC Skills Training

Learning System: 895

Amatrol’s Smart Controls Troubleshooting Workstation (895) teaches users the hands-on programmable logic controller (PLC) troubleshooting skills they need to excel in today’s jobs that feature a wide variety of applications with Industry 4.0 technologies. Users will learn how to operate, program, and troubleshoot PLCs that interface with many different types of applications, including electro-pneumatics; motor control; temperature control; variable frequency drives; smart sensors; process control; and I/O Link communications.

This tabletop system provides hands-on experience with real-world components, including three different types of powerful Allen-Bradley PLCs (ControlLogix, CompactLogix Modular, and CompactLogix); distributed I/O using Ethernet/IP communications with industrial managed switches; smart sensors; smart motor drives; intelligent interface terminals; wireless Ethernet communications; and process control applications. Students will study industry-relevant applications and learn hands-on skills that will build a strong foundation for a successful career in a variety of industries that use advanced Industry 4.0 smart controls technologies.

Learning Topics

  • PLC Troubleshooting
  • Basic PLC Programming
  • Advanced PLC Programming
  • ControlLogix Configuration
  • CompactLogix Configuration
  • Analog I/O Control
  • PID Control
  • Variable Speed DC Motor Control
  • AC VFD Control
  • Motion Control (Servo)
  • Math and Data Instructions
  • Distributed I/O
  • Ethernet/IP Communications
  • Managed Ethernet Switches
  • IIoT Smart Sensors with IO-Link
  • Process Control
  • Electronic Operator Interfaces (HMI)
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics-Cloud Communications

Real-World Components Help Prepare Learners for Job-Ready Skills

The Smart Controls Troubleshooting Workstation has the qualities of a real-world machine with relay-controlled start/stop power station, terminal strip I/O test points, operator station, and machine automation station. Students study various applications with live devices by plugging in one or more of the many application panels available. Each application panel models an actual machine system, such as electro-pneumatic actuator, electric motor, analog devices, and BCD/LED display. Application panels are even available for interfacing external devices such as robots, conveyors, and process control systems.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use

Advanced PLCs
Full range of PLC technology with multiple PLCs, including ControlLogix and multiple styles of CompactLogix.

Advanced Ethernet/IP Networking
Comprehensive industrial Ethernet/IP communications with distributed I/O, wireless Ethernet, advanced Ethernet managed switches, cyber security modules, and data analytics software.

Advanced Applications
Discrete, analog, and Ethernet I/O applied to applications, including: variable and constant speed motor control, electro-pneumatics, digital and PID temperature control, smart sensors, variable frequency drives, process control, and motion control.

Modular application panels remove easily to quickly change applications and expand the system applications. Control and Communication Devices readily attached to DIN rail mounts to expand the system controls.

Quick Setup
Applications and control devices attach with individual quick disconnect cables to allow students to quickly mix and match and create new control schemes. No time wasted doing laborious wiring.

Multiple Student Workstation
Multiple operator stations and multiple human machine interface options permit multiple students to use the system at the same time. It is two stations in one.

Hand Wiring with Quick Disconnects
Terminal strips allow students to learn point-to-point wiring. Quick disconnect cables connect the wiring strips to any PLC or application or disconnect the wiring function when quick setup is needed.

Interactive Multimedia Curriculum with Virtual Simulators

The interactive multimedia online courses provide an engaging and highly instructional method of learning anytime, anywhere. Courses feature stunning 3D graphics and videos, voice and text narration, and interactive exercises, including virtual simulations.

Computer-Based Fault Insertion

Over 50 real-world faults can be automatically inserted throughout the workstation components by a computer-controlled system that tracks student progress and gives feedback. Students learn how to quickly find and correct problems.

Amatrol’s exclusive FaultPro computer-based fault insertion software automatically inserts faults and tracks student troubleshooting efforts. Teacher intervention is not required, enabling teachers to work freely in the classroom. This system enables students to learn troubleshooting in a self-directed environment, allowing teachers to support more students. It is easy to use with menu-driven Windows-based software and provides a record to measure student learning. Automatic fault insertion avoids damage to the equipment that is normally associated with manual fault insertion. This makes the training equipment last longer and makes troubleshooting safer for the student and the teacher.

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