EB546 eBook Sample Showing Pneumatic System Identification and Introduction to Troubleshooting


  • Computer (see Computer Requirements)


  • Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System (950-PT1)
950-PT1- Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System
Pneumatic Troubleshooting (950-PT1)

Pneumatic Troubleshooting eLearning | How to Troubleshoot eBook

eLearning Course: EB546

Understanding how to troubleshoot problems that arise in pneumatic systems is a vital industrial skill that is irreplaceable for maintenance technicians and others in industrial settings. Amatrol's Pneumatic Troubleshooting eLearning provides a strong understanding of troubleshooting areas such as air preparation, pneumatic cylinders, motor and rotary actuator, directional control and flow control valves, etc. Within this curriculum, learners will study topics like: in-circuit pneumatic component testing; air-over-oil system operation; rotary actuator operation; quick exhaust valves; vacuum switch operation; and troubleshooting machine performance faults. (References 950-PT1)

Learning Topics

  • Pneumatic Troubleshooting
  • Startup/Shutdown
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • System Tuning
  • Air-Over-Oil Systems
  • Pilot-Operated DCVs
  • Rodless Cylinders
  • Subplate-Mounted Valves
  • Sandwich Valves
  • JIC Tie-Rod Cylinders
  • Shock Absorbers

What is Pneumatic Troubleshooting?

Pneumatic troubleshooting is the process of finding the cause, or fault, that has created a malfunction in a pneumatically-powered machine. Faults can cause a machine to do many things. For example, the fault could cause the machine to stop, skip a step, or perform a step incorrectly. A symptom is the malfunction you observe caused by a fault. Troubleshooting is one of the most important pneumatic skills a technician must possess, because machine downtime can be very expensive. Faults must be located and corrected quickly so that the machine is operational as soon as possible.

Pneumatic Troubleshooting eLearning Allows Online Access to Curriculum

As an online option to printed curriculum, Amatrol’s eBooks look like a real book and allow users to flip between pages with ease. Enhanced with features, such as keyword searches and zoom controls, Amatrol’s eBooks enable a user to quickly locate and view information, making this online format an efficient learning tool. Available online through Amatrol’s Learning Management System (LMS), this comprehensive curriculum advances learners’ understanding of concepts at the click of a button. High quality graphics paired with hands-on, applied skills keep learners focused and engaged in their work. Amatrol’s eBooks allow courses to be taken completely online anywhere with an internet connection!

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