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Amatrol’s Interactive Multimedia Student Learning Software in CD-ROM format is the perfect instructional tool for today’s classroom with an exciting presentation and high quality learning content. Each topic’s presentation includes extensive videos, 3D animations, interactive exercises, and colorful graphics that will motivate students and help them learn more effectively.

The multimedia software content is the same as Amatrol’s proven, print-based Learning Activity Packets (LAPs). Amatrol multimedia software is skills-based and provides a complete learning experience for the student with theory presentation and optional hands-on exercises to enable students to actually practice the skills presented in the theory.

Some multimedia titles include virtual simulators that are the newest addition to Amatrol’s ever growing array of skills based multimedia. Virtual simulators take interactivity to an entirely new level, allowing development of hands-on technical skills via the computer. Amatrol has developed realistic simulations that allow learners to interact with the simulator in the same way they would interact with real equipment.

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