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School Closings Due to COVID-19 Prevention? Amatrol’s Here to Help

As schools close across the country due to COVID-19 prevention, Amatrol understands that you need to keep your students engaged. We are committed to aiding schools trying to finish the semester online due to COVID-19.

Amatrol’s eLearning Solution

We understand that you need to rapidly deploy online courses to finish the semester and we’re here to assist you in setting your students up on the platform. Amatrol has an extensive library of CTE courses. We have set up a special, 3-month code that will cover the remainder of your semester without having to purchase an entire annual lease. Amatrol can also provide a webinar to your instructors to assist them in getting the program up and running as quickly as possible.

If you’re not a current customer and are unfamiliar with our eLearning offerings, Amatrol’s library contains eLearning courses in areas like:

Still Have Questions or Concerns About eLearning During COVID-19? Let Us Help!

Despite its use worldwide, eLearning is still a new educational phenomenon for many groups out there. So naturally, questions will arise. While internet research can turn up both positives and negatives to at-home learning, there are also a lot of myths out there about the online platform, especially when dealing with training that utilizes a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on skills.

Fortunately, Amatrol is here to set the record straight on industrial eLearning. We have debunked myths, and offered suggestions on what you should look for in an eLearning company. To read the article ‘Switching to eLearning Due to COVID-19? Avoid These Myths About Online Industrial Training’, please click here.switch to elearning COVID

Contact Your Amatrol Distributor

Amatrol has distributors in all 50 US states and in countries worldwide. To get your organization set up quickly, we urge you to contact the distributor in your area. They’ll work with you to expedite the process and get your program up and running.

Amatrol Distributors

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