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Amatrol offers excellent products for a wide range of technical education needs. At the core of our product offerings are learning systems. An Amatrol learning system contains everything you need to teach the subject – a trainer, either equipment based or virtual, curriculum; teacher’s assessment guide; installation guide; and software as appropriate. Our learning systems include strong support in terms of teacher training as well as customer service, both at your point of purchase and on-going. We often have new teachers attend our teacher training from a school that implemented our learning systems over a decade ago.

In today’s fast paced, global economy, technical training demands are higher than ever. In a 24/7 world of complex and sophisticated technology, workers need skills in complex areas like process control, computer integrated manufacturing, mechatronics, and more. Our e-Learning is the only hands-on, interactive, skills-based technical training available via the web to help you truly extend your learning opportunities well beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom.

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