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Structural Engineering Multimedia | Training in CD-ROM Format

Model Name: Structural Engineering 1 Multimedia

Model Number: CB784

Learning Topics

  • Civil Engineering Careers
  • Types of Structures
  • Structural Elements
  • Structural Stability
  • Force Vectors
  • Free-Body Diagrams
  • Bridge Materials and Construction
  • Bridge Design
  • Truss Bridges
  • Bridge Design and Research

Structural Engineering Multimedia introduces civil engineering, introduces forces and bridges, and bridge design and construction. To introduce civil engineering topics on civil engineering careers, types of structures, structural elements and stability are covered. Topics on force vectors, free-body diagrams, and bridge materials and construction will come together to introduce forces and bridges. Also covered are topics on bridge design, truss bridges, and bridge design and research.

Engaging Multimedia

Amatrol’s extensive, thorough multimedia covers structural engineering. Interactive screens paired with instructive graphics teach an array of structural engineering topics from forces and bridges to design and construction. With the optional hardware, learners can then apply this theoretical knowledge to immediate hands-on skills. For example, learners study structural stability and then design a truss for stability for practice. This combination of theory and practice ingrains concepts in a learner’s mind and makes more advanced topics easier to comprehend. (References 96-SE1)

Key Features

  • Strong Depth and Breadth of Content
  • Engaging Interactions
  • Stunning 3D Animations
  • Text and Audio
  • Built for Self-Paced Learning

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