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Industrial Fluid Piping System Training | Hydraulic Hose and Valve Maintenance

Model Name: Piping Learning System

Model Number: 950-PS1

Learning Topics

  • Plastic Pipe
  • Iron Pipe
  • Metal Tubing
  • Flexible Hose
  • Pipe Hanger installation
  • Expansion Joints
  • Valves- 2-Way
  • Valves- Check
  • Valves- Sloan
  • Installation
  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Schematic reading
  • Piping Type/ Size Identification
  • Fitting Type/Size Identification
  • Selection and Layout

The 950-PS1 Piping Learning System features training on how to layout and assemble a fluid piping system used in industrial, construction, agricultural, and transportation applications. Students will learn how to select, size, identify, and install a variety of types of industrial fluid piping, fittings and valves including: iron pipe, steel tubing, hydraulic hose, plastic pipe, copper tubing, globe valves, gate valves, check valves, and Sloan valves.

The fluid piping trainer includes a mobile workstation, pump testing network, valve package, fitting package, fitting identification kits, Sloan valve maintenance kit, pipe insulation and hanger components, fitting storage, student learning materials for both theory and lab, and teacher’s guide. The workstation has slotted, movable members to enable a variety of hydraulic hose fluid piping application scenarios to be set up.

What is the Function of a Piping System?

The function of a piping system is to carry liquids or gases from one location to another. A typical piping system can be found in the natural gas distribution system used in a manufacturing facility. In this piping system, gas is distributed through steel pipes from the meter gas, to gas space heaters located throughout the facility.

Fluid Piping System Training Features Stunning Multimedia Curriculum

Amatrol’s peerless interactive multimedia curriculum utilizes text with voiceovers, pictures, videos, stunning 3D animations, and interactive quizzes and reviews that engage learners in theoretical knowledge and concepts. This thorough, detailed curriculum begins with the basics and advances to complex concepts. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading educators, Amatrol developed the right balance of knowledge to train learners to work in their chosen field.

Key Features

  • Mobile Workstation
  • Moveable Members
  • Built-in Pump Leak Test System
  • Built-in Storage
  • Optional Online eBooks

Additional Requirements

  • Workstation with Vise (82-612E)
  • Electricity (120 VAC/60 Hz/1 phase)
  • Hand Tool Package (41221)
  • Pipe Storage Rack (18869)
  • Pipe/Hose Machine Package (18868)
  • External Water Source
  • Consumable Package (18870)

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