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The Winds Of Change: How investment in wind technology is driving green employment

...disciplines, as well as specific skills directly related to the latest alternative energy technologies. Amatrol has developed a Wind Turbine Technology program with a comprehensive skills sequence that routes the...... Learn More

Switching Gears: Mechanical Maintenance Training Yields Solid Return on Investment

...halt production lines, requiring expensive emergency repairs and downtime that can quickly escalate costs that create ripples throughout an entire facility and even the larger supply chain. As Krar notes,...... Learn More

Four Reasons Why Students Should Seek Out More Apprenticeships idea that they are even offered as an educational alternative. With a majority of graduates who seek post-secondary opportunities electing for a more traditional college route, it leaves employers...... Learn More

STEM Education Holds the Key to Bridging the Skills Gap

...or drop out altogether. Experts believe that more, better, and earlier STEM education at the primary and secondary levels could reduce the rate of STEM attrition at the post-secondary level,...... Learn More

STEM Holds the Key to Preparing Students for the Jobs of the Future

...too often switch majors or drop out altogether. Experts believe that more, better, and earlier STEM education at the primary and secondary levels could reduce the rate of STEM attrition...... Learn More

Pandemic Recovery: How to Maximize Funding for Workforce Development

...of alternative post-secondary credentials, such as vocational or technical education, has never been greater. These alternative credentials are often overlooked and undervalued, but can be critical pathways to well-paying jobs...... Learn More

Amatrol’s Industrial eLearning: The Perfect Choice for Large Companies

...features hundreds of courses offering thousands of hours of technical training for a vast array of subject areas, including: electrical, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, alternative energy, HVAC, CNC machining, industrial certifications,...... Learn More

Adobe Flash’s Demise | 3 Simple Ways to Test Your eLearning

...then it may be time to consider an alternative provider. What Should I Look For in a Post-Flash eLearning World? Preparedness. Simply put, this “news” about Flash’s transition to obscurity...... Learn More

Tackling the Industrial Maintenance Technician Shortage

...over a decade of job gains in the manufacturing sector, wiping out more than 1.4 million positions.” Although more than half of those positions have since been regained, hundreds of...... Learn More

Are Today’s Students Doing College Backwards?

...but not nearly enough. With close to half of students who enroll in undergraduate degree programs failing to complete, alternatives are desperately needed.” Indeed, Craig notes that “students have been...... Learn More

IGNITE: Next-Level Career Exploration & Preparation

...Although the skills gap is a thorn in the side of manufacturers, it represents a golden opportunity for today’s students. Those who acquire the skills manufacturers need will find interesting,...... Learn More

The Top 5 Ways Amatrol Products Can Energize Your Electrical Training Program

To view a multimedia presentation of this article, please click here. It’s the basis of modern industry, and the building block for virtually all industrial applications: electrical skills. But without...... Learn More

New Federal Funding Available for Workforce Development provide technical training in likely areas of diversification, such as renewable resources and alternative energy solutions, such as solar and wind power. Who Can Apply for EDA Funding? If...... Learn More

Now is the Time to Invest in Solar Skills Training as U.S. Government Gives Boost to Solar Industry success. For example, Amatrol offers a variety of training systems for the solar industry: Alternative Energy Learning System – Solar (850-AES): Teaches aspiring solar technicians the knowledge and skills...... Learn More

Amatrol’s Agritech Program Can Help You Set Your Students Up for Career Success

...experts must possess a broad range of knowledge across a variety of areas, including electrical, mechanical, fluid power, and alternative energy. With more than 30 years of experience designing and...... Learn More

2020 Vision: A Look Ahead at the Future of Manufacturing

...colleges and universities design curricula and alternative credentialing programs to help place students in desirable jobs,” writes Bryant. According to a recent Brookings report titled “The Role of Employers in...... Learn More

Training the Future Workforce: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

...increases in productivity and efficiency unimaginable decades ago. These sweeping changes are forever altering the landscape of the modern industrial workplace, leaving students, workers, educators, and employers playing catch-up in...... Learn More

Amatrol’s eLearning: The Technical Training Solution for Industry

...electrical, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, alternative energy, HVAC, CNC machining, industrial certifications, mechanical, process control, quality assurance, safety, STEM, industrial maintenance, and even advanced topics like automation, mechatronics, robotics, and Industry...... Learn More

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your CTE Program is no different than 15 or 20 years ago. And no students want to join a program that hasn’t altered its curriculum since their birth. If your program needs...... Learn More

Amatrol’s eLearning: Flexibility Enables Hands-On Training While Social Distancing the workplace. Unparalleled eLearning Although many students and instructors are experiencing eLearning for the first time because of the COVID-19 crisis, others have been using Amatrol’s eLearning for many...... Learn More

Amatrol Introduces the Portable Basic Hydraulics Learning System

Amatrol is pleased to announce our newest learning system, Portable Basic Hydraulics (990-BH1). This learning system provides a portable alternative that features all of the skills of our traditional Basic...... Learn More

Community Colleges, Skills Training Essential to Economic Recovery

...Travel ground to a halt. The once-booming economy took a nosedive. These massive changes were felt like shockwaves. No one knew where or when the ripple effects would stop. According...... Learn More

We Can Solve the Technical Skills Gap! by Paul Perkins an alternative to higher education for those with less ability, not as a form of higher education or a part of a successful career in fields outside of construction....... Learn More

What Omicron Taught Us About the Search for Quality eLearning and the Possibility of More Distance Learning

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has drastically altered the education system. During the initial outbreak in 2020, widespread lockdowns forced classrooms and training programs to close in-person learning and transition...... Learn More

CTE Funding: Grants Hold the Key to Maintaining Momentum in the Midst of a Pandemic

...for the Learning Policy Institute (LPI), “no one working in government today has ever dealt with the financial impact of a pandemic.” The financial impact of the ongoing pandemic has...... Learn More

Why Aren’t We Making More Progress Bridging the Skills Gap?

...the gap. Yet, despite how well known the problem is, it appears that surprisingly little progress has been made to date. It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic definitely dealt a...... Learn More

HVAC Worker Shortage: Understanding the Problem and Finding a Solution

...of a “blue-collar” worker. Even as we continue through the 2020s, many still view HVAC/R and other skill trades as a hard-work, low-pay alternative to not attending a four-year college...... Learn More

IGNITE: How To Spark Student Interest and Light the Fire that Leads to Career Success

...a career in manufacturing, however, they will still likely need to acquire the skills they need via alternative pathways, such as apprenticeships and industry-standard certifications.     Manufacturing Has Wide...... Learn More

Amatrol Announces Transition Plan from Flash to WebGL for eLearning Library

...update your system with a new multifunction timer panel. Alternately, you could switch to the new curriculum and continue using the skill directions that you currently have for your trainer....... Learn More

Turning Up the Heat: Booming Employment in the Solar Power Industry

...offers the Alternative Energy Learning System (850-AEC) that covers the fundamentals of both small wind and solar technologies. Areas of interest explored in the 850-AEC’s curriculum include PV module operation...... Learn More

Skill Boss Logistics: The Key Link in a Supply Chain of Skilled Workers

...“The skills of the state’s workforce will have an impact on California’s national and international competitiveness: the failure to meet workforce needs could limit or alter the state’s economic growth.”...... Learn More

6 Ways To Become A CTE plug. analysis, electronics. Alternatively, Amatrol’s Industry 4.0 Fundamentals covers: mechatronics, industrial control systems, robotics, introduction to the IIoT, and production technician certification. The I4F portfolio can be selected a la...... Learn More

Jeffersonville Company Amatrol Finds Success In Flexibility

...range of intricate ware, hard and soft. Interest swells in alternative energy, so Amatrol also now provides goods and guidance for others to make more from wind and the sun....... Learn More

Amatrol Celebrates Being a Top “Company to Watch”

...annual revenue or capital. The nominees represent diverse industries such as alternative energy development, food production, industrial gear makers and technical education program development. These companies have combined revenues in...... Learn More

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