E19165 eBook Sample Explaining How Shaft Misalignment Can Cause Vibration



  • Predictive Maintenance Vibration Analysis Learning System (97-ME5A)

Predictive Maintenance Vibration Analysis eBook | Measurement & Condition Monitoring

eBook: E19165

Amatrol's Predictive Maintenance Vibration Analysis eBook (E19165) teaches how to use vibration analysis to determine when to perform maintenance of power transmission components. Students will learn industry-relevant skills including how to use a vibration meter to take a vibration measurement, how and where to take to measurements on various types of power transmission systems, how to analyze the results, and how to minimize vibration.

Learning Topics

  • Maintenance Methodologies
  • Vibration Concepts
  • Vibration Measurement Devices
  • Baseline Vibration Readings
  • Coupling & Load Vibration
  • Roller Bearing Vibration
  • Pulley Vibration
  • Severity Charts
  • Natural & Resonant Frequencies
  • Sympathetic Vibration, Isolators, & Dampers

Vibration Concepts & Condition Monitoring

Vibration analysis is one of the key techniques used in the field of predictive maintenance to determine when to service one or more of a machine’s components, either making a replacement or adjustment, before a failure actually occurs. With this eBook, users will learn both basic and advanced vibration analysis concepts and skills, including how to mount a vibration sensor, obtain a baseline vibration reading, measure shaft misalignment vibration, use a vibration meter and photo tachometer to measure natural frequency, and more.

Predictive Maintenance Vibration Analysis eBook Allows Online Access to Curriculum

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