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Lean Theory | Interactive eLearning

eLearning Course: MXLM203

Amatrol’s Lean Manufacturing Theory eLearning course focuses on the origins of Lean Theory, leadership principles in Lean Theory, the value of people in Lean Theory, and Lean Theory principles behind the tools of Just-In-Time.

The course begins by relating and differentiating the Lean Production System (LPS) and the Lean Way, states the ultimate goal of LPS, and then discusses the pillars of LPS: Just-In-Time (JIT) and Jidoka. Learners then study the most important Lean leadership principles in a company, the steps of continuous improvement through Kaizen, the benefits of having trained and trusted employee teams, and the requirements in the Lean company-partner relationship. The course then moves on to explain what Heijunka is and its purpose, describes the types of useful finished goods inventory in a leveled schedule, lays out the relationship between JIT and Jidoka, and goes into  the environments in which standardized work succeeds and fails.

Learning Topics

  • Origins of Lean Theory
  • Lean Production Techniques
  • Lean Production System (LPS)
  • State the ultimate goal of LPS
  • LPS: Just-In-Time (JIT)
  • Jidoka
  • Lean Leadership Principles
  • Roles of Lean Team Members
  • Lean Company-Partner Relationship
  • Heijunka
  • Leveled Schedules
  • Useful Finished Goods Inventory
  • Elements of Standardized Work

What is Lean Production?

A lean production system minimizes the resources used while providing products of the highest quality in a timely manner. Toyota originally called its lean production system just-in-time, or JIT. JIT is often used interchangeably with lean, but JIT is also described as the component of lean that focuses on production elements. Just-in-time gets its name because, when implemented correctly, that material for each production station arrive just before it is needed for processing.

Highly-Interactive Multimedia Format Appeals to All Learning Styles

Amatrol’s eLearning curriculum features a highly-interactive multimedia format. Stunning 3D animations, videos, pictures, voiceovers of all text, and interactive quizzes and exercises bring learning to life. Amatrol’s multimedia curriculum contains elements that will appeal to every learning style, keeping learners motivated and engaged.

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