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Is your local workforce prepared for Industry 4.0? Or is your area mired in a skills gap crisis with available, high-quality careers but too few qualified candidates? Amatrol’s Industry 4.0 Fundamentals (I4F) is a high school-based program that prepares students for high-paying Industry 4.0 careers in local industries.


Industry 4.0, also referred to as Smart Factory, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and other names, is the interconnection of industrial technologies to produce big data analytics, which promotes applications like predictive analysis (technology alerts you to a problem before it happens), prescriptive analysis (technology allows you to generate solutions before a problem occurs), and more. For more in-depth explanations and applications of Smart Factory / Industry 4.0, please reference the following articles:


I4F was developed by subject matter experts in conjunction with real-world feedback from industry and educational institutions to ensure that students with no background in manufacturing can begin with the basics like industrial safety, hand tool skills, etc. and build to industrial competencies in areas like PLC troubleshooting, mechatronics, and data analytics, as well as learning to program and operate a FANUC robot. This two-year program is divided into four major course areas, which are further divided into lessons covering major topics.


Amatrol’s Industry 4.0 training program utilizes a combination of learning methods to give students a robust experience in both theoretical knowledge and hands-on, real-world Smart Factory skills. Examples include:


Amatrol provides pre- and post-lesson quizzes, as well as classroom-based skills performance assessment. The quizzes help learners to understand where their competency is weak or strong and how much they’ve learned from the lesson. The performance assessment evaluates how well a learner performs the hands-on skills. To learn more about Amatrol’s eAssessment, click here.

Interactive Multimedia Curriculum

Amatrol’s eLearning offers flexible technical training through superb technical content depth as well as breadth and strong interactivity for skill development with 24/7 access. Eye-popping graphics, 3D simulations, videos, and complete explanations combine with strong interactivity to develop technical skills for modern Smart Factory manufacturing training. To learn more about Amatrol’s eLearning, click here.

Virtual Training

Amatrol’s Virtual Training uses virtual simulators to replicate hands-on equipment in such great detail that learners will feel like they are using the actual equipment. Learners perform essentially the same tasks using virtual trainers that they would using the hands-on systems.

Hands-On Industrial Training

Amatrol’s hands-on Industry 4.0 training systems are designed by engineers and subject matter experts and hand-crafted, assembled, welded, wired, and painted at our facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana. These systems are loaded with real-world, industrial components for the closest possible experience to working on-the-job. They are heavy-duty and ready to stand up to frequent use and inexperienced users. Hands-On Systems used in I4F include:

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WB876 eLearning Curriculum Sample Showing the Components of a DC Generator

Course 1: Introduction to Mechatronics

This course is designed to introduce the basic tools and processes of mechatronics technology used in Industry 4.0. Lessons include: machine safety, dimensional measurement, mechanical power, basic electrical circuits, electrical control diagrams, basic robot programming, etc.

Course 2: Introduction to Industrial Control Systems

This course is designed to control systems of mechatronics technology used in Industry 4.0. Lessons include: manufacturing metrics, power efficiency, fluid force and frictions, basic material handling, PLC project development, PLC motor control, CNC machining, PLC event sequencing, etc.

Course 3: Industrial Robot Operations and Programming / Certified Production Technician

This course can follow two separate paths. The first path covers robot programming and operations of an industrial robot. The second path uses MSSC’s certified production technician training to cover topics like safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes and production, maintenance awareness, etc.

  • The Industrial Robot Operations and Programming option will use a FANUC robot

Course 4: Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things

This course covers how to collect from manufacturing processes and use the data to adjust, control, and improve the processes. Lessons include: lean production concepts, VFD operation and control, network security and preferences, database concepts, ASRS, PLC diagnostic indicators, etc.

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Amatrol's I4F: Industry 4.0 Fundamentals program features an unmatched range of technical training systems and eLearning courses.
Supported by interactive eLearning and hands-on skill procedures, our technical training products engage learners and provide the training they need to be successful.