89-EMT Electro-Mechanical Application Station


  • Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Workstation (890-PECB)

Electro-Mechanical Application Station | Adds to 890-PECB

Equipment: 89-EMT

The model 89-EMT Electro-Mechanical Application Station adds to the 890-PECB Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Learning System to provide electric motor automation applications. The 89-EMT includes a DC electric motor with reversing motor starter, lead screw, and overtravel limit switches. Components are mounted to a silk-screened panel and wired to a single interface connector, which automatically plugs into the 890-PEC-B I/O and fault system when the panel is inserted into the 890-PEC-B workstation console. All components use 24VDC control power.

890-PECB Equipment | PLC Troubleshooting

Amatrol’s Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Workstation (890-PECB) teaches programming and troubleshooting of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and their use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Several equipment requirements and options are available.