Amatrol Mold Design Learning System (94-DFM3)

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A Student Reference Guide sourced from the system’s eLearning curriculum includes the entire series’ technical content from the learning objectives.


  • Base System: Plastics Technology Learning System (94-MP3T)
  • CAD software
  • CAM software
  • CNC machine
  • Computer (see Computer Requirements)
Amatrol Plastics Technology Learning System (94-MP3T)
Plastics Technology Learning System (94-MP3T)

Plastics Mold Design Training System | Hands-On Blow & Injection Molding Skills

Learning System: 94-DFM3

Amatrol’s Mold Design Learning System (94-DFM3) covers the most challenging application of CAD/CAM software and CNC machines, as well as one of the most important because so many parts are made from plastics. This industrial plastic mold design training system will show how to design molds for the major plastics operations like injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion and how CAD/CAM software can be used to create a CNC program that will make the mold.

A typical injection mold will create thousands of plastics parts so learning how to create a correctly designed mold that will continuously make quality parts and be easy to use in an invaluable skill.

Learning Topics

  • Injection Mold Design
  • Sprues and Runner Systems
  • Mold Gates and Vents
  • Mold Material and Construction
  • Multi-Cavity Molds
  • Inserts and Undercuts
  • Part Design
  • Shrinkage and Warpage
  • Material Selection
  • Blow Molding Design

Hands-On Injection Mold and Blow Molding Skills

This hands-on plastics mold training system allows learners to practice skills like: designing an injection mold using CAD/CAM software; determining runner sizes for an unbalanced multi-cavity mold; designing a plastics part and mold based on shrinkage and warpage considerations; and creating a blow mold using a CNC machine.

Interactive Plastic Mold Design eLearning Curriculum

Amatrol's mold design training system features interactive eLearning curriculum that integrates various types of learning methods to create an engaging, effective learning experience. Amatrol’s multimedia eLearning curriculum includes text with voiceovers, videos, 3D animations, pictures, and interactive activities, quizzes, and self-reviews. Specific mold design topics covered include: basic and advanced injection mold design; part design and material selection; and blow molding design. Within these topics, learners will study objectives like designing an injection mold using CAD/CAM software; designing a plastics part and mold based on shrinkage and warpage considerations; and creating a blow mold using a CNC machine.

Free Learning Management System (LMS)

Amatrol eLearning is easy-to-use for both students and instructors. Its web-based interface is simple to navigate and available on any WebGL-compatible Internet browser. Instructors love Amatrol eLearning for its simple, yet sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS allows instructors to create custom courses, monitor student participation, track course progress, assess knowledge levels prior to a course, and test knowledge levels after completion. Learners appreciate the fact that they can start and stop as needed, moving through each Amatrol course at their own pace. If a self-review reveals that they didn’t understand a particular topic as well as they thought they did, they can revisit it before moving on.

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