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Snap Gauge | Adds to 990-PG1 Training System for Hands-On Learning

Model Name: Snap Gauge

Model Number: 99-PG2

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Amatrol’s Snap Gauge training (99-PG2) is a highly-precise gauge used throughout many types of industries. The 99-PG2 includes a digital snap gauge and a master part turned to precisely 0.500”. Adding it to the Portable Precision Gauging Learning System (990-PG1), the Snap Gauge training gives learners expanded knowledge of advanced industrial measuring devices. It also fits securely into the 990-PG1’s portable case and integrates seamlessly into the training.

A snap gauge uses adjustable anvils to precisely measure a cylindrical part’s diameter against a master part to which it is calibrated. Using the 990-PG1’s interactive multimedia curriculum, learners will become familiar with the components, function, and operation of a snap gauge, as well as how to take precise measurements and assess positive and negative variance to determine whether parts are within acceptable tolerance levels.

Key Features

  • Highly-precise gauge
  • Adds to the 990-PG1
  • Increases the learner's knowledge of industrial measuring devices

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